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Saturday, July 23, 2016

fresh eyes

For the last week, we've had our 15, 12, and 8 year old grandsons (off and on) at the farm. They've been helping build fence, laying irrigation pipe, watching movies, playing their games, and generally enjoying the experience of working hard enough to have sore muscles (maybe not exactly enjoy).

The week has had its chaotic aspects with trying to figure out what we will be doing with our two stray cats. The orange one is wanting to come in off and on but not stay. We haven't been able to keep him in the yard because he's very good at climbing. The black one was caught in the live trap and has been in (unwillingly) for a couple of days. She is antsy, growls at anything that moves fast, and meows a lot. So, in the cat world, chaos reigns.

My second book in the Barrio Viejo series (changed title for it) is off to the beta readers, and I'm making changes as they come back with issues they see. So far it's been minor things, and a suggestion to tighten up one of the chapters. That's the neat thing about beta readers-- that they see the work through fresh eyes.

When I was working on the trailer, my middle grandson took an interest in the images I'd put together. He said, "But, you just told the whole story."

Hmmmm, that's not what a trailer is supposed to do. So I reworked the images to do more suggesting the risks and introducing the dangers (some of them) the hero and heroine face. It improved the video-- again the advantage of having someone else see the work through fresh eyes. 

My youngest grandson really got into the idea of monsters; so we looked through the possible images I could add, which fascinated him and is always fun for me. I don't use the really horrible monster images because I don't want something ghoulish on my books. There are no zombies, and demons can look however they want (in my stories). 

So writing a blurb, finishing the edits as suggestions come in, and then this book will be ready to go out. I am having a hard time understanding why these books haven't caught the interest of those who've read my other books; but what someone enjoys in a book is so subjective. There isn't a right or wrong. It's what piques interest and add to someone's life either through knowledge or enjoyment.

Here's the trailer for the book due out early August as I am thinking of doing a pre-release for it-- which means 10 days that it can be ordered but not purchased. Summer doesn't seem a good time for book sales for many of the authors. Still, I can't wait for fall for this one as it will be ready way ahead of that with another to write.



Celia said...

Just downloaded "The Enchantress' Secret and I'm looking forward to jumping into it. I thought your video looked great, I thought the background music gave it just the right feel.

What a perfect place for your grandkids. While mine have transitioned into small city kids they miss living on their old farm a great deal. Especially caring for the animals even when it included shoveling manure, not the favorite task but they'd rather do that than housework LOL.

Rain Trueax said...

thank you for giving it a try, Celia. Let me know what you think.

The grandkids found the hard work a little surprising, I think. Grandpa sure enjoyed having them. I've enjoyed some political discussions and getting to know them on other levels, which happens mainly when they come here or we take trips somewhere (something we haven't done enough recently). What amazes me is how the three oldest now seem like young adults more than children. Boy they grow up fast!

Tabor said...

How cool is that having your grandchildren help advise you!

Rain Trueax said...

It's so neat to see them becoming young adults. The changes these last couple of years have made totally amaze me at times. They are interesting people and actually even talk politics, philosophy, or religion without it leading to an argument. Frankly, the new generations will bring many changes to the US.