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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

giving up control-- or not

With my first, word-for-word edit done and the book off to beta readers, I have grandsons visiting but that's mainly for ranch work with their grandpa-- building fence and changing irrigation pipes. For the book, I have things I need to do like creating the trailer and writing the blurbs, but there likely will be a bit of an hiatus before I start the third book.

 probable cover for Book 2

One thing we opted to do was change the series title (causing minor problems since only one book was already out). I liked the original, but when a book tanks, you look at what might be a turnoff. The new one will relate to the place it's set-- Barrio Viejo. Because I am unsure, with four books to go, if that name will stick, covers won't have the series name on them-- for now.

I've wondered if opening the first book with a murder has intimidated some readers but that can't change. The book is after all romantic suspense with a paranormal element. The whole message of Enchantress' Secret is how a search for power can not only corrupt but get us to trusting the wrong people. Very apropos right now with the world having major challenges to governmental power. Who can you trust? Why do you give away your own power? Those are questions not only for my books but life.

We are still trying to convince the two outside cats to become inside. One will come in, but he escapes out of the yard as fast as he can-- even as he also will return. The other cat simply would not enter the house.

She does not yet have a name but has a lopped ear which means she was regarded as feral and has been spayed. We finally got her into the house by the live trap. She is currently, unhappily residing in the solarium with food, water and a litter box (we have no idea if she is box trained). We think she's 6 months old or so.

 this one is Eddie, we think... cat names are flexible right now.
I don't like having inside/outside cats as I worry about them at night-- the time predators roam and cats get in trouble. Until they are willing to give up their control to us, it's how it will be. If they simply cannot tolerate being house cats, then we will have another problem. We'll face it when we do

With a Republican convention this week, I am watching almost no television. I won't be with the Democratic one either. I have never been much on watching speeches. I prefer to read issue statements and am not that impressed by speakers who can excite others as it makes me suspicious they are using that instead of issues.

One totally crazy thing to me is the open carry in Ohio at the GOP convention. Seriously, this seems insane in a time like ours. If I walked into a store, restaurant, convention center, etc. with someone slinging a rifle over their shoulder, I'd walk right out. I am not afraid of guns. I own quite a few of them and have a concealed weapon permit. I am afraid of those who have them and use them carelessly or to hurt others. It's one place I am not willing to give up control, I guess-- to be where AR-15s are in open display with someone I don't know in control of them.


Tabor said...

My daughter's neighbor has two of the loveliest gray cats that she lets out every day in the neighborhood. AND they catch baby birds or birds that have just fledged and I hate that. I do not like outdoor cats at all.

Rain Trueax said...

Well, our cats are indoor outdoor in that they are fenced into one yard here but they do still kill mice, shrews and once in awhile a bird lands. The other yard, the one where we feed the birds, that one they don't get access to. We could have them out beyond as no neighbors but it's the road that makes me not want that. Cats get killed on gravel roads.

Celia said...

I am skipping watching the conventions too, especially the current one. There is no point in irritating myself that way.

Our cats were indoor/outdoor cats too. It's a problem. I don't think animals belong inside all the time, that's just my take on it. Although in town besides the bird problem outdoor cats poop in the neighbors gardens, not good either. Ours were boxed trained and then we dumped the box in a spot in our garden and the cats seemed to stick to it but you never know.