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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Politics in the world and the house

For those who think there are two political persuasions-- liberal or conservative-- there has always been a third. I liked this article that explains a lot about my thinking, which has never fit all of either party.

This explain a lot of why I don't watch conventions and never have. To me, they are all about propaganda. They reassure those, who already think a certain way. I do read what is said and find often it totally distorted by the media who always have one side or the other that they favor.

The one thing I can say about the conventions is that my bet if you are a liberal, you don't care how the DNC manipulated the primary and as a conservative you are in shock that anybody believes Putin released those emails because he's scared to have Clinton as President. You will love to hear what the speakers said on each side and ridicule or not watch the other side. For someone like me, who is not a liberal or a conservative, I have no side and frankly am disgusted by the whole spectacle. Have party platforms ever actually told you what the President will do once he or she is in power? Not so much. It's propaganda.

Besides the political stuff that is driving me nuts, cats are at war in the house as the two new cats are both jittery for being feral and suddenly finding they have a choice. Whether that can be worked out, who knows. We aren't giving up but  have to take it slower than we had hoped.

When I should be editing to get the new book out, I really have to fight for the mood to do it.


Tabor said...

I am a moderate liberal. I think people should pay their dues, but also need a helping hand from those who got that lucky break. I am mad at my party for being to manipulative and for not presenting us with a fair choice, but that does not win me over to the other side which scares me far more.

Rain Trueax said...

I also lean left but right now am angered by both sides. I read a good piece about what being a moderate centrist means. Ben Franklin was one. I put the link on my Rainy day Thought blog. I am thinking of changing my registration from Democrat, for the first time since I registered at 21, to Indepdendent. In Oregon, you can't vote in a primary for either party if you are an Independent, but I am so down on the Democratic party. I though cannot imagine registering as a Republican given their stand on so many issues where they horrify me. I feel I've been left behind.