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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

writing tips from Stephen King

For those interested in being a writer, of any genre, the link is to tips from author Stephen King. One cool thing about writers is many of them help other writers get better at their craft. 

Yes, craft can be taught but many things about writing are learning to listen within (whatever you call that) and from without. Every writer has to find their own voice. His suggestions could be helpful to those still looking to find theirs:


Tabor said...

I am still working on that stupid short story...actually I have not visited it at all since I returned from France and tried to catch up on house repairs, voluteer work and gardening. This shows I am not a real writer! I read his book on writing years ago, and my son stole it, so cannot re-read it. I will thus go to your link.

Rain Trueax said...

Real writers go in spurts of activity, Tabor. And who would say To Kill a Mockingbird was not written by a real writer even if she never wrote another story (and the one coming out is evidently the original version of the one that became such a classic).