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Saturday, June 20, 2015


As I think I've probably mentioned before, my second Oregon historical, Where Dreams Go, will be available June 21 for both eBooks and paperbacks. This time I know the exact date for the eBook because for the first time we did a pre-release. The paperback might be dicier as if I want it to not be ahead of the eBook, it has to be estimated for how long it will take to go from approval of draft to published. For those who ordered the eBook, the iffyness of dates was made firm by pre-releasing. It will be delivered and available June 21, 2015.

This is a book that I wrote probably twenty years ago or more. It came about, as do many of my books, when I saw the potential in having a secondary character have their own story.

I've mentioned before that I like letting a book ruminate for some time before I type the first word. I do research during that time and play with ideas for what happens and which characters will be in the story. I don't ever say, as some authors do, that my characters take over from me. I will say what happens to them helps me see reactions and more actions as I get to knowing them better. I have a general plan but plenty of room for detours along the way. 

For Where Dreams Go, I did a cover back when it was going to have another title with no idea when it'd even be published. I do covers for all my books-- published or not. The first image, the one below, was when I was painting all my covers. It obviously never got used. While I like it, the hero actually looks wrong for the character, too old and he shouldn't have a mustache. Also these two look like they are experiencing more angst in their relationship than fits the book.

I got closer with another attempt. The Rose of Sharon is good imagery for a love story. All winter it looks like a shriveled stick with no hope of it ever blooming again, and then, there it is in all its glory--

But, there was a problem. While this book is about a woman who has given up on finding another love, it is also part of a series, and I couldn't come up with four flower titles that fit the four different romances. I did have one other good one for the couple in the third Oregon historical (cool digital painting for it also), but the first and fourth simply never found a symbolic flower that fit the story and sounded right for a title. Hence, I went looking for another message that would work for each. 

In Round the Bend, the theme is how we never know what is coming in life. We make assumptions, and plans, but they often are washed away by circumstances. The Trail itself was a sort of metaphor for that in our lives.

The second of the Oregon books is about our dreams, often the hidden goals we dare not voice. Through the characters' struggles, it illustrates good ways to fulfill a dream and ways that are self-defeating. 

When do we give up one dream for another? Is one dream for a lifetime realistic? Should dreams change as we do? Dreams help humans get through bad times, but they can be unrealistic or maybe we have given up too soon. Where Dreams Go was a perfect title for the book.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

The gestation period for some things we write can certainly take lots of time....
Congratulations on this book, my dear!

Rain Trueax said...

thank you, Naomi :)