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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

bulletin board update

One of the things I have learned to love about writing is finding images that suit each story. Some will then end up in a book trailer, but most are to help me stay grounded in the physicality of my characters. Because anywhere I set a book I have been and have photos, my background photos only require looking through my files. The ones I have to buy are for the people, where often I set the model images into one of my photos or mix up several of them into one.

In the Arizona historical romances that I have been writing this spring, the stories follow three brothers. Well, I think it'll be all three. I had one to begin and realized only in writing it that one of the hero's brothers (we would call him intellectually challenged today) would make an interesting hero. 

So his story is the one I've been writing. It seems each of these Coburn heroes, except maybe the third, have been damaged in some way whether emotionally or physically. If I don't end up with a good story for the third brother, I'll not have a third book... That's one of the things that I enjoy about being an indie writer. I write what
comes to me not what is on a contract somewhere.

As important to me, as the characters are, is the setting. Nature is one of the characters in all of my books. What the weather will be, the moon cycles, how hot will it be, scents in the air, and then the home, if there is one. For the book on the computer right now, there are two homes-- both the kinds of homes I can imagine for myself. Even though both are in the Tucson area (imaginarily speaking that is), they represent very different ways of life.

For those of you interested in writing, I recommend finding a place for a bulletin board near where you will be creating your story. Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, I think images help a writer stay grounded in the theme and characters. The images at the top of this board are already written historicals, some out and some yet to be out. The rest are characters and setting from the current work in progress. :) 

As happens a lot with me, while writing someone's story, I fall a little bit in love with them myself. This hero has a quality, perhaps helped by his limitations, that has really endeared him to me. It'll be hard to let it go when I finish. I am aiming this one to be out about November 5th. This whole year has been devoted to historicals. Maybe 2016 can be for contemporary or paranormals ;).


Tabor said...

This is a good idea and something I used back in high school when I wrote poetry so long ago.

Rain Trueax said...

Yes, bulletin boards could be quite helpful to poets, Tabor. Put up on them the energy of what you have seen, remembered with the beautiful photos you take and then see if it brings new poems to mind. We can't always be where we were but the photo (or a painting) can quickly take us back there in our minds.

Tara Crowley said...

your writer's mind works so differently! (from Mine) I don't think I have the patience for writing fiction. Poetry is quick and spare, and that's what I can do. I love seeing your tricks of the trade.

Rain Trueax said...

When I wrote just for myself, I went at the nuts and bolts of it very differently. Writing for others adds a dimension. Where before I had to please myself and the characters, now I want to please readers also. I also have to keep things consistent, and it matters if I change eye color from one chapter to another. At one time I described my characters but without a physical imagine in my mind. I like having that image now.

I like poetry that others write. I've only written stream of consciousness without form and not much of that recently. To me poetry is painting with words. It is a gift all its own to do that.