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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

thoughts to consider

Let me count the ways bringing out a new book can go wrong. I'll start with using pre-release, something we'd never done before. It turned out that the version that got okayed had also saved the mistakes that had been edited out... So the first readers got the redline-- this isn't right-- along with what was right. Fortunately, a reader who liked the book let me know, and we corrected it-- that would be a day after it had been released... There were already about 130 sales or so, which means that many readers may be upset and some write a review saying how sloppy this was and so typical of indie writers. 

It is the kind of thing that no writer/editor/publisher wants to have happen, but alas life is what it is and things go wrong. One way to avoid ever having something go wrong is to do nothing.

In this case, I think it happened due to a combination of not having the full understanding of the last step in the pre-release but more because of it being an incredibly busy time here at the farm with getting in hay, having a toilet fail and needing to replace it, grandkids visiting, and moving the lab equipment from town to the farm. Put that together and it's not hard to see how a mistake could happen with the best of intentions.

When such things go wrong, it's a choice of whether to stew over it, blame someone, get all upset, or just laugh and think-- hey that's life; and it's not that huge in terms of life importance. 

It then seemed a good time to post a few of the positive thinking pages I've found and saved that friends had put out. These are simple thoughts but good reminders.


Tabor said...

Ouch! I can imagine how badly you feel. That is just the nightmare and I am glad that one of your readers caught it early. I assume you can edit the description to explain the issue? Maybe you can offer the readers the better copy? Like you, I would want it all neat and tidy.

Rain Trueax said...

I can notify people all the places that they might have learned about the book. Amazon always will give anybody anytime a corrected version of any eBook they got from them. It's one of their neat features.

To correct it, all we had to do was tell them to go over it for a final edit on their end, and they took care of it. That is why Ranch Boss was so irked at himself, but given all he was doing right then, it is understandable. I have more about all that was going on in Saturday's blog. He kicked himself for it but things happen and I am lucky he does it. I am not good at techie stuff.

But it was disappointing as I always hope the copy going out will be perfect. It is now........... ;)