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Thursday, May 01, 2014

bumblebees, blossoms-- and Beltane

Just have to add a word here with this one. My father was born this day in South Dakota, the year 1910. 

I am bringing out my second paranormal, The Dark of the Moon, part of a trilogy called Diablo Canyon on this date. 

May Day is significant in many pagan traditions-- spring really does end today. Beltane is totally the beginning of summer. Forget what our orderly calendar says, the Celts had it right, and this is the day! We all know it by how the weather is, the flowers. It is the light part of the year and each day is lengthening! Yes, the birds and bees know! If you don't already have a celebration for it, check this out for an idea-- ritual for welcoming summer.


Tabor said...

Good idea. I need a ceremony or two today!

robin andrea said...

Ah, halfway to solstice. The light is beautiful

Rain Trueax said...

I like the light better right now than when the sun is more directly overhead. Lots of good highlights. We've had it in the high 80s this week which is causing everything to expand and leafing out everywhere :)

Celia said...

We used to leave paper baskets with flowers in them on our neighbor's porches when I was I kid. Joyous Beltane, May Day, and Lei Day.

Rain Trueax said...

I remember those from school too, Celia