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Saturday, May 03, 2014

bees and blueberries

It was interesting for me to do a whole series, a week long, of bees and blossoms. It's been beautiful to see them hovering over the apple and blueberry blossoms--  but for awhile we had some concern. At first, we did not see honeybees. They had been seen earlier this spring but then we had a hard freeze rather late. We worried that they had lost their home. Bees out here are mostly wild and live in hollow trees along the creek or in the forest. 

Then I saw a bee in the house trying to get out through the glass. It had flown in the cat door. I thought about swatting it-- then thought better of it. I got a plastic glass with a wide mouth, nailed it over the bee and slid a postcard between it and the glass. The bee was safely inside. I was not stung. A win/win when I released it outside. 

When Farm Boss went out with the camera, he got photos of the honeybees to prove they are here. I don't think in the numbers previously, but they can build their population back up.

Perhaps bumblebees could do the jobs of the honeybee in pollinating our fruit, but it should be of concern for us when something we take for granted is not there. I think we need to, as individuals, seriously think about avoiding insecticides. 

If we let the wasps and yellow jackets hang around, they will eat a lot of the insects we'd rather not be here. There are, of course, places we cannot permit a yellow jacket hive, but we need to be sure that is the case before we poison. If we sicken these insects with our overuse of pesticides and removing their natural habitat, where will that leave us???

If you are one who thinks the smallest things don't matter, I don't envy your life in any arena... And no, I do not believe that God will step in and save those who abused this creation-- believer or not believer. Take care of the small things. You're not as important as you think. 

I used the following quote as one my heroine loved from my second Oregon historical. It pretty much says what I think--  

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
and Eternity in an hour."

William Blake

The photos above are of honeybee and bumblebee. Next week-- look for more photos of bees and blossoms :)


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I so agree with you Rain.....We haven't used any insecticides in my garden for 9 years----more because of my lungs, than anything else. But when I began reading about how harmful they can be---not just to me but to the balance in nature----It made me sick to think of all the killing chemicals we use everywhere on a regular basis. And the disappearing Honey Bees and Bumbles are real proof of these dangerous practices.....We are killing the planet, on so many levels. I LOVE seeing all these wonderful pictures!

Rain Trueax said...

yes, we used to kill yellow jacket nests near the house but in reality we want them to eat the mosquitoes and they generally leave us alone if we leave them alone. There are places we cannot let them stay but I think we were too prone to see them as the bad guys when they are really good for the environment. They serve a purpose

Celia said...

Gave up insecticides decades ago when we had children. Same for lawn fertilizer, the thought of that stuff on those tiny little feet was chilling. Our lack of respect for all forms of life will be the end of our world I fear.

Annie said...

beautiful photos. if the bees vanish, humans will follow suit... save the bees!