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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

bees on the move

These bees are on the move. May 13th we saw a very active swarm had settled into one of our pear trees. We were not sure if this was to be a location or a rest stop. Turned out to be the latter. With late afternoon, they took off.

If you haven't seen honeybees when they swarm heading for a new home, be sure you watch the second video. Stay with it awhile as you see them not just flying but moving the whole congregation to some unknown destination. Farm Boss then got in his car to drive up the hill to see if he could find where they were going. They disappeared into a forest. They are looking for the right site to build a new life. The process of creating a new queen, why the hive settled near us before taking off, their sending off scouts to find a suitable location is in the following link:

We wish them well and hope they find a insecticide free zone. We humans need to be far more aware how often we actually need to use insecticides as they are hurting insects we need if we hope to keep growing food that requires pollinating.


Rubye Jack said...

Good luck to those bees is all I can say.

Rain Trueax said...

me too. I am writing again on this for my regular Saturday because people need to think more about providing welcoming habitat and cut way back on insecticide use if not totally stop using it. The nuisance insects (and that's about all they are) are leading us to kill the ones we most need.