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Monday, September 30, 2013

political thinking-- end of September

Because it seemed easier to make a video than write out my angst regarding the political situation right now in the US, here it is for those who care
Political thinking the end of September 2013 from Rain Trueax on Vimeo.

Update: Now that the closure has happened, it's obvious that a certain segment wanted it. They have insurance. They have money and they resent programs for anybody who needs help and that has always included SS. They just don't dare admit it. I heard a clip from a speech by someone running on doing exactly this and knew it'd be unpopular with the majority of Americans but  they only answer to the vocal minority and the real money behind this movement. We know the name of the Koch brothers who started the Cato Institute and Freedom Works, who make sure Limbaugh doesn't have to worry about sponsors, but it's not really just them. There are other names and maybe even a Machiavellian mind behind what is happening.

Boehner has no choice but to do what he did. He will lose anyway because cowards always do; but he couldn't let there be an up and down vote in the House as they would have passed a clean budget. He'd have lost the Speakership that he's literally done nothing to deserve as he's done nothing the whole time he's had it. They don't have an agenda other than destruction.

So the right wing got what I heard that leader say they wanted-- shut down government. They are giddy over it. I've seen the left giddy too-- when they got health care insurance for all Americans. They were giddy over doing something for the people. All the right is giddy about is power. Power has a way though of backfiring.

My hope is Americans are paying attention. That they don't let the talking point people convince them that this was brought on by Obama and Dems. It wasn't. It was brought on by those who wanted to destroy programs and that's what they have convinced a lot of their people will make their own lives better. Who cares about the poor, disabled, old? That's their problem.

If Americans pay attention, the next federal election in 2014 can turn the House back to the Democrats and give us a chance for something to happen that helps people. You can bet the righties will be out in force and they have already set in place everything they can to block Democratic voters from getting to the polls. It doesn't have to work if we get together on this.

For those who don't like SS, Medicare and programs for the poor, as you are convinced it's all about communism, I think the day will come when you'll figure it out. I just hope it's not too late as Ted Cruz is no leader of the sort we've had before. He's a demagogue and everything he says the other side wants to do-- that's what those behind him want. Good luck if that happens as piece by piece they are dismantling our individual power by things like letting a corporation be considered a person and by undoing Civil Rights laws which certain people in some states are quickly taking advantage of to block minority voters.

This situation isn't hopeless for progressives, liberals and moderates like myself. It's just a time to buckle down, get our act together with helping those around us who might need help and then working to get out the vote in 2014. There is a lot more here at stake than a Yellowstone vacation-- which just went bust ;).


Tabor said...

You are pretty brave posting this. Much easier to write politics. I am a liberal (social) and a moderate (fiscal). But I believe that everyone in this country should have access to medical care. I think emergency rooms should be for emergencies...not disasters that happen because a family cannot see a doctor until they are at death's door. Much of my retirement has been invested in financial products and I will lose a lot of money if they refuse to pay the deficit. I am on a fixed income and have worked hard to save my money. I do not like it frittered away by the loud minority...OK...enough! The majority of Americans agree that this tactic is a false one. I strongly feel that a move in the right direction is to get big money out of politics.

Rain Trueax said...

I think we will find they do pay it but just throw it out to scare people and thump their chests for a week or two-- enough to ruin our trip to Yellowstone, of course lol. I wish we could come up with some answers to this that would satisfy everybody but if you look at our history, you see that rarely happens. We are a very divided people and have been from the get-go.

The reason I preferred to do it this way it was faster but also more personal. So often it's all about words and they forget there are people behind them.

Hattie said...

Good work, Rain. I appreciated this. I am very sorry you will miss Yellowstone, though.
We had such a wonderful time showing visitors around Volcanoes National Park yesterday, which is something we never get tired of doing. We have a lifetime pass, which cost us $10.00. Now we will have to wait a while to go hiking there again, which is our favorite outdoor recreation.
I'm also sorry, Tabor, that this shutdown imperials your retirement income.
I think those people are off their rockers.

Ingineer66 said...

Isn't it funny how people over 62 have more of this nations wealth than people under 62, we give senior discounts and things like lifetime passes for $10 when young people that are struggling to support their families have to pay $10 or $20 every time they go to a National Park.

Ingineer66 said...

PS I think shutting down the government is stupid as well. The real debate should be the debt limit.

Dion said...

Good stuff, Rain. Really like the subject material much more than the romance novel. lol