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Saturday, September 21, 2013

being heliotropic

no matter what situation we find ourselves in,
we can always set our compass to our highest intentions
in the present moment.
Jack Kornfield

Yes, I love sunflowers! There can never be too many sunflowers with their heliotropic qualities. And this year I have a veritable feast of them, some over ten feet tall. Me, the birds, and insects are happy.


Tabor said...

I also love sunflowers. they have such a sunny disposition! ;-)

Florence said...

We are on the Texas Gulf Coast and we have a garden bed of sunflowers. This year they tolerated the heat and drought and have produced the biggest, best crop of flowers and seeds ever. They truly are marvels!

Celia said...

Great flowers; I missed planting them this year but am preparing a bed for them next year down the sunny side of the house.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Sun Flowers are so very Magical...! I-m happy for you, my dear Rain...!

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

I am bound and determined to make a bed for them, too, next year. Until then, I'll enjoy yours!

Hattie said...

I LOVE sunflowers, and those are wonderful photos of them.
No one seems to grow them around here, but maybe they do on other parts of the island. I've seen them at the Farmers' Market.

inkling777 said...

Just what I needed today; northern Ohio had it's frost last night. Thanks for the uplift.