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Saturday, February 18, 2012

February at Finley

It's a busy time with lambing etc etc. When Farm Boss and I want a break but can't really take one that far off, we head out to Finley Wildlife Refuge,just south of Corvallis, and sit watching the geese and ducks. The sounds of the birds as they land and take off-- no lambs or ewes complaining-- is restoring to us both. Twenty lambs so far which is over halfway through. They are coming fast which is ideal.

You wonder what stress we might have-- try anything on the news and most of it those who read this blog already know. In case you missed this though from Jon Stewart, take a few minutes to read it and watch the video-- then find your favorite nature retreat. You're going to need it.

These photos are all from Finley in February. Recently Farm Boss bid on eBay and was able to buy a used 1.4x extender for our 400 mm Canon Image Stabilized "L" lens. Finley was our first chance to try it out. Where it comes to what I covet, it's an F 4 - 800mm with stabilizer but likely it would require a tripod and a mule when taking it on walks. This small extender didn't appear to make the tripod necessary and wasn't all that heavy. Because of our love of watching and photographing wildlife, something I hope to do again in Montana and Yellowstone this summer, it would be nice to get something that let us get closer to wolves without being closer to wolves.


Tabor said...

What a lovely place to rest and think about your life. Although I think baby lambs would be just too cute to bear...I am sure when they arrive in the dozens it gets a little old fast. I am surprised that the GOP wants to fight these culture wars...they were closer to winning when they just fought each other.

Rain Trueax said...

The lambs are cute. They are all being born so far without problems (not always the case) but ewes and lambs get separated. I'll be in here typing away and there goes a ewe by the house bawling. I have to decide did she really lose a lamb that is in trouble or is it one she misplaced or something totally else. Lambing is not a quiet time. They are all peaceful when together but anybody gets separated and the noise starts. Cute but not peaceful ;)

Diane Widler Wenzel said...

These pictures show what I have been seeing and trying to paint at Singing Water Park in Albany. I never tried to photograph them. The park is unfinished and not as natural in appearance as Finley.

Rain Trueax said...

I am seriously considering bringing politics back into this blog because it's more about our culture right now than a political party-- although all the ones with this extreme view are in one party. But just read this and see if it doesn't infuriate you if you are a woman. What is going on? That's what I want to know

Right wingers go wild against women around the country

All in the name of religion? It's not that simple since what Liz Trotta said isn't about religion but a view toward any uppity woman who dares want to go as far as she can take her skills and logically will be put down by men who think rape is the ultimate control. Truthfully I never expected we'd end up here again. Yes, it was what it once was but haven't we grown and developed? It seems not

la peregrina said...

Lovely photos, Rain, and that last one is absolutely stunning.