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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Odd dreams

About a week after the last story dream, I had another one that was vivid with something unusual in it. It began like many where I was definitely me and at some kind of resort, a kind of rustic setting, with a small lake beyond, small cabins, a lodge, and women dressed up in pretty dresses, lots and lots of people, some in the dream I knew, but no friend I can identify from my daily life.  I knew Farm Boss was also there but off somewhere doing his own thing. There were lots of beautiful people, even some movie stars that have died like Charles Bronson with his wife Jill Ireland who were horseback riding although I didn't interact with them other than to see they were happy. Everybody was happy and sharing their talents.

I found the room eventually where I had put our bags and was going to change into something for the evening, something more glamorous, but first I needed to find a bathroom. When I couldn't, I thought--  I have to wake her up because she's the one to take of this problem. If I don't do that, I can never have fun here.

So it was like I went through mists, dark areas and then came to a bedside, the right side of the bed to do this and shook my sleeping self awake.

When I woke up I looked around the room to be sure I was me. I was. It was early morning, almost time to get up anyway. What this all made me wonder was whether we really do meet others when we are dreaming like that. Was I at a gathering of other sleepers where we were doing things or having fun, some of us interacting? How did my dream self know to wake the sleeping me?

I don't know; but I do know that to think in a dream that I have to wake the dreamer to take care of something I couldn't do in the dream, well it's the first time that has happened although I have been in a dream and said I should wake up from it but never knew what I had to do to accomplish that.

What about you-- have you ever shaken your sleeping self awake? Do you think it's possible our soul really does go somewhere in a spirit place when we are asleep?

No, I did not watch the new film Inception although I have read about it. I am not sure I will watch it as the crossover between sleep and waking, confusion between dreams and reality is something to which I do not want to expose my mind. Who knows what it would think up next!


donna said...

I liked inception. I don't think it would really give your sleeping self new ideas. ;^)

I tend to think the dream characters are all bits of ourselves, representing the different archetypes of our mind (yes, I'm a bit of a Jung follower....) Dreams a rea way of processing our daily activities to get them in order and save the memories we most want to save.

My dreams lately are organized by colors, strangely enough. I am getting messages about colors in the dreams, and then my mind sorts accordingly. It's very weird.

Rain said...

Sometimes I check out the meanings of possible symbols if something doesn't fit my daily life with A-Z Dream Dictionary.

Last night my dream was a combination of symbols that aren't totally out of my daily thinking but with something added.

In the dream, I was at a place like Yellowstone and went to get my camera. The lighting had turned fantastic and I snapped some pictures and then I saw a moose coming down through the valley. I waited to see if it would get closer. The moose then climbed an old snag, clear to the top and when I tried to snap the photo, my camera wouldn't click. I thought well I just have to remember how this looks as it certainly is an unusual thing to see.

In the morning, I did check out the meaning of seeing a moose, even though I am fascinated by them and have not only seen them but photographed them. I knew though I'd never get a meaning for it climbing that snag. It did it quite easily and back down...

Rain said...

colors have meanings in that dream dictionary site.

la peregrina said...

People in my dreams are mostly strangers to me so to have someone I do know, either personally or from television and movies, show up is unusual. These "people I know" dreams are different than my regular dreams. They are always more intense in feeling and color and do not disappear quickly after I wake up like my other dreams. I too wonder if these dreams are really the gathering of other sleeping people.

Also, I have never shaken myself my sleeping self awake in a dream but I have shouted, "Colleen, wake up!" which caused me to wake up. It was very disturbing to me at the time.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I feel like you about INCEPTION.....It would be a long while before I could see it, anyway...DVD-wise---But fpr some reason, it doesn't interest me.
I think your dream was wonderful...! Especially that last part where your 'dream' self had to wake YOU up....Powerful stuff.
There is this theory about dreams that it is not so important what the content is, but how you FELT in the dream.....I kind of believe that, I must say.

BTW: Heard from the doctor after I posted about Sweetie---He ate a little bit more today and had a "well formed" poop--the first in two weeks....HOORAY....And she said this was on his own, that the steroids won't kick in for a few days...So, another little Bay Step for my dear "SWEETIE"....

Annotated Margins said...

Sometimes I've shaken my waking self to sleep just to get back to reality!