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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Planting with the moon

What do you think about the phases of the moon? Are you one of those like me who cannot sleep as well with a full moon? Do you plant gardens according to what cycle the moon is in? Schedule surgeries? Or just notice it in the sky now and again?

In January, a psychic from Tucson, Stephanie St. Claire, sent out to her email list one about how we can use the full and new moons in an exercise to improve our lives. She calls it-- Creating Our Reality. I began doing it and this will be my fourth month.

When the moon is full, take a piece of blank paper and put it in the window or outside-- wherever the light can shine on it and it won't be blown away or drenched. I leave it there 3 nights. You set it aside until the new moon where you write on it your dreams, what you want to create in your life. Basically you are planting your intentions on that charged piece of paper.

Her suggestion was you do this month after month and don't look back on what you wrote for at least several months. She warned you are using power and be careful you don't abuse it. Sometimes we have dreams that wouldn't be good if we got them; so if you knew that writing something down would make it happen, take it that seriously.

I will say, whether it's this exercise or coincidence, certain things in my life have improved in these months. It might be the moon. It might be the way you do this by waiting 2 weeks approximately between charging the paper and writing down the intentions. During those weeks, you tend to think a lot about what you want to write, what you truly want. You are focusing; then because you have written it down and have set it aside, you are releasing it.

My daughter has a book on planting seedlings by the moon cycles and it worked surprisingly well-- up until her cat ate off the new starts. Can't blame the moon for that.

The next full moon is the 13th...


Parapluie said...

When I was younger and had a monthly cycle, I knew the full moon meant that I was accident prone. Like the full moon was not a good time to climb ladders and such. But now without that draining of energy during the full moon, I still am accident prone. Just today I did a boo boo backing the car into the garage.
Last night I had a dream that my father dead for 6 years looked at one of my abstract paintings and with enthusiasm for the piece said "Don't go in and over work it. You will loose the evil look in it." Evil does not sell well. Was this an inspiration from the moon rays coming through my bedroom window onto my face as I slept? My fathfer in my subconscious was saying go ahead make work ugly. Because why work for others and be as good as dead.

Rain said...

Full moon is always a problem to me but my monthly cycle never made much of a difference but with a full moon i feel more jittery, upset at nothing and often don't sleep as well. Animals respond to the moon cycles but they generally seem to like the full moon and be more noisy and complaining with the new moon perhaps when they don't see so well. I don't know..

I had negative dreams again last night. This time just frustrations one after another types.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Thanks to your suggestion earlier, this will be my third month of doing this. I have always been very conscious of the full moon and the cycles, but personally never planted at that time. I do know that it isn't just a myth that people in mental hospitals are more agitated at full moon times, or so my psych friends tell me.

I've got a pagan friend who has done some marvelous full-moon rituals--like dancing in the nude in the moonlight, but I just feel its power and I feel so close to Source at both full moon and dark moon. I feel saddest at dark moon. No rain today so should be able to see the moon beautifully tonight.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

I am always aware of the moon cycles, but it's been many years since I've planted a garden, cut my hair, or anything specific based on them. In the 70s I did those things religiously. I am intrigued by the paper and the moon. I like the idea of ritualizing the articulation of intention, dreams, desires, creation. Very interesting.

Rain said...

The book my daughter got on planting by lunar cycles, RD, is interesting and it did make things grow better to plant them at the right phase for each of them.

Sandy said...

Creating our reality has become a part of my life now as well, thanks Rain for introducing me to it several months ago. I haven't read any of what I've written but I know it has already changed - but then, I have found in my life that I am always changing in some way or another, most common I think.