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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Desert hiking

When in Tucson, I like to hike in the desert as often as possible. The desert is full of dangers for the unwary from dehydration, heat stroke, to cactus spines, poisonous creatures, rabid bobcats, curious cougars, and killer bees. I have run into some of them at one time or another but to minor inconveniences-- my husband prying spines out of my knee with his pocket knife was no fun. Some cactus do seem to jump!

Winter in Tucson was unusually dry; and this trip, only a trickle of water was in one of my favorite desert streams--
one that in flood is capable of tearing mature trees from the ground and where many years I have to jump from rock to rock to cross or if I am feeling less daring-- wade.

This time it was all sunshine and gentle breezes-- the heat of summer was not yet upon it.
Not going to be many wildflowers this spring but there is always another as the seeds wait for the right conditions.

This rock looks like petroglyphs but probably is not, most likely just natural markings but it's pretty anyway.

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