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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Immigration solution?

Frankly if anybody else truly understands the immigration situation in this country, I'd love to hear from them. We have an illegal immigration problem. That much I think everybody agrees on but exactly what is it? Are there 20 million illegal immigrants in this country or only 11? How many of these want to make their home here permanently and how many are just up here making money to go back where they came from-- which isn't always Mexico? Is this situation damaging the poor in our own country as many of them compete for the same jobs or is it overall uplifting the economy for everybody?

What I know for sure is the damage it has done to the border area as so many have been crossing and the people who bring them are unethical and often bringing drugs along with them. Terrorists too? who knows.

I have been reading pretty much anything that comes along about immigration proposals that offer a way to solve the problem but can't see where anything proposed by the President or Congress would do anything to stem the flow. I don't understand how the most recently proposed bill would have done anything to stop future entrants. I also don't understand why they expected those who have been here less than two years to go meekly back-- for that matter, not the ones two to five years either. And do all the ones here twenty years want to be residents? To me, the whole political approach seems set up to make people think they were doing something when in reality nothing happens.

Some are favoring guest worker programs, but does that just keep a subculture in this country that cannot vote, cannot do anything but work cheaper and go home? Why would that stop the illegals from continuing to come into our country?

I know this is all questions and no answers but it's how I feel after reading and reading and reading....


Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I'm reading and reading, too, and don't know what in the heck is the best answer. I think the borders are going to have to be closed the whole way across, but that will probably be a temporary deterrent.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor is an undocumented immigrant. He arrived to this country 20 years ago.
His daughter will graduate from college this year, she came when she was six, now she is 22. She will have in her hands a diploma but she will not be able to work........... she is not the only case thera hundreds of students in this situation.
Did you know that every year 70,000 students graduate from highschool and they are undocumented?........ they also came here when they were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 year old boys and girls, they talk english as any other american, they love this country, their only country. But at the end they are propense to deportation to a country they do not know, with a different culture, with a different language.
What a sad situation.
Don't you think so?

Rain said...

Yes, I think it's a an extremely sad situation on all levels