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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Dreams and lack of control

Dreams can be forgotten, by many, or interpreted, sometimes by someone else. Once in a while, I think they need to be shared, which is what I hope to do here with dreams from this week. (image from Stencil)

I was very upset when I woke from this dream. I seemed to be planning to watch a show on television. This is something I don't actually do as I quit watching the TV a couple of years ago. 

In the dream, I had turned a show on to see what it was going to do next. It's not a show I watch in my daytime, but dreams can do what they want. It had brought in a new hero and he was very weird looking, to say the least. He was a regular man but he had what looked like spider feet out his back. Yuck and how does that make a hero???

The show then changed to cartoons, not like Disney but more like the Simpsons (again not a show I had seen other than clips from it). I thought that's ridiculous. I tried to turn it off but could not. I couldn't turn off the TV either; so I switched channels.

Another weird type show from something that seemed beyond normal. At that point, I was feeling panic when I could not stop it. That's when I woke with that panicked feeling. When we both woke, I told Ranch Boss the dream and how upsetting it had been. Normally my dreams are just fine but this was not.

He then told me his dream of the same time, right before waking. He owned a bigger ranch than we have and it was being overrun by people, who had the freedom to walk where they chose, use what they wanted. That went so far as going to build a set of homes on our land that they didn't own, but again, nothing to stop them.

We realized that both or our dreams indicated a lack of personal control. We have felt some of that feeling in our lives. Upsetting to feel you can't really control what is happening, not only in your life, country, but also the world. This is really not a good time to be an empath.

I felt a lot of panic, not unusual for me with anxiety attacks a norm for a number of  years.

But, then, something else happened, that afternoon, where on a fluke, a momentary impulse, Ranch Boss looked out our bedroom window and was aware a small rodent was in our swimming pool, with no real way for it to get out short of drowning. He rushed out there and with the net, he scooped the little critter out to dry land, where it ran off. It had been a very lucky baby ground squirrel.

So... we might not have much control over a lot of what is happening, but we can do what we can and for some being, it might be the difference between life and death. I don't have an answer for how to stop the feelings of panic at lack of control, but that little baby able to run away did help some.

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Greybeard said...

He WAS in control.
He could have allowed the rodent to drown.
He saved it.
That was his CHOICE. He was not forced to allow it to survive.