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Wednesday, October 07, 2020

by Diane: Update 27 of mini-art respites from caregiving: Addressing changes

 I love our home especially now.  With Fisherman Hubby's neuromuscular decline, a two story house with stairs would be awful. Our rooms are large enough to accomadate all the necessary equipment to make him more comfortable.  The house is small enough to be kept clean. The largest area is the kitchen dining area. Behind the table in the center of the wall is a bulletin board where I can pin up new work. Food alone does not nurish.  Living with my paintings nourishes my need to be creative.  Currently I pinned up  two pieces on  from my painting companions.  The letter"T" composition is by an Oregon granddaughter's boyfriend. The letter "Q" composition is by the granddaughter from Utah. The Q could also be seen as the capital "A" on it's side.  The two negative areas left by the letter "A" could be seen as one piece woven behind. Simplifying the landscape into letter shapes is not easy.  I am proud of their process.

These are stressful times.  Two of my own readers said that personal stress bubbled over with strong negative reactions to this blog when some topics angered them. Or they were not interested unless photos were accompanied with explanations. They just wished I would have a blog just about Fisherman Hubby and our ALS journey.

I made an attempt to recover from a UTI and post on a Word Press blog that I quit in 1914.  It recognized me and I began to compose a blog but kept making blocking errors.  So working another blog will be a learning curve.

Maybe next week I will continue updates on my Word Press blog and then for other topics I will post here.

Fisherman Husband is needing more care and again I am seeking help.   If visiting Angels can not find help , I may try private individuals looking for work. Every day there is a change in his needs. We are accomidating so far with the help of many friends and family. We are blessed.



Rain Trueax said...

so sorry for what you are going through.

Rain Trueax said...

I hope that if you post elsewhere about what's going on with your and Fisherman's journey that you post it also here. Yesterday we had 950 viewers stop by-- from around the world, I might add though most are in America. I think many would like to stay updated on your life-- art and personal. People care.