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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Eight more pages from the watercolor book of my Turneffe Flats Adventure

The last eight pages include memories of the last half of our week including a night time nature walk and more snorkeling. If I should paint from memory, I am prepared as these on site, small pictures remind me of my interest in how the light rays entered the choppy water covering coral, sponges, and algae in uneven illumination. We saw porpoise, black and red mangroves, frigate birds, royal turn, and a cormorant rookery. On the night walk, I became aware of how many eyes reflect light including the crocodiles, snakes, iguanas, brown spiders and tarantulas. I tried to eat termites but probably only tasted the shell they made for their colony. The illusive boa constrictor was not found.

I have been asked if I plan to frame my watercolor book, the answer is no. I fold it in accordion style. Notice where I cut and folded into a compact index card size book.

  I will keep it in a shoe box for reference as a way to remember the energy of being there. The quality of my paintings doesn't come up to all I saw. Some pages are overworked. But what I like about the book making process is looking for lighting and life flora and fauna detail that I wouldn't have noticed except that I was painting. The process heightens my awareness.

Tomorrow I will post some photos of our adventurous trip

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