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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

the skies

by Rain Trueax

 Great Fountain Geyser reaching to the clouds.. or trying.

From the waters, the skies seemed logically to be next. Yellowstone is high country and that often makes for spectacular skies. This time, we were  fortunate to be there at a time when thunderheads built up several afternoons. Off and on, we'd hear the crack of thunder and some rain would fall. Awesome time in the geyser basin and the Lamar.


In the high country, the light is ever changing and presents constantly shifting opportunities to get that one photo that speaks beyond the images to the energy. 

There are many things that draw people to Yellowstone, but the light is one that shouldn't be discounted as to why it feels so magical when there. That light draws photographers, painters, writers, and millions of people to this super volcano that someday may erupt and change the whole United States for centuries to come. I hope it never happens as knowing Yellowstone is there is one of those things that brings joy to those who have been there or shared its beauty with others. It's there even when we can't be...


Tabor said...

Had a wonderful time there with my grandson a few years ago and will always remember it through the eyes of a ten-year-old.

Brig said...

Ah, High country skies, the blue is so bright, the air smells wonderfully clean, the anvil clouds are mighty, and the whole is soul renewing magic...

I made what some might call a wrong turn onto the road less traveled while there, and there was nothing but mountains, and ever changing sky for miles and miles. Loved it.

Thanks for sharing all the great photos!

Rain Trueax said...

The blue changes constantly in high country. One of our favorite drives is off the beaten path and gravel, Blacktail Plateau Drive. It's one way and although some zip through it, we take our time :)