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Friday, August 25, 2017

that first kiss

 On her blog, romance author, Lily Graison, has a Friday feature she calls first kiss. Kind of a fun idea as that first kiss can mean a lot for whether a relationship is going anywhere. For this Friday, it's Denali and Nick's first kiss in Enchantress' Secret. 

For a writer, determining when a couple will kiss the first time takes some thinking. It sets the tone. Who instigates it? If it comes too early or late, it might disappoint readers. I try to keep that first kiss believable as to when it'd happen. I also like it to have a setting that adds to the energy of their coming together.

Check out Lily's blog for the snippet where a natural born witch and an exSEAL finally kiss. This book (spicy) is only on Amazon for Kindle purchase or borrowing through Kindle Unlimited.

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