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Thursday, June 29, 2017

What the emails look like--

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Rain Trueax's  New Release

Our latest release in the Tucson based Hemstreet Witches. A series combining the family story lines from my Arizona Historicals and the mystery side of the barrio's inhabitants.
Available June 21, 2017.
A Price To Be Paid
The third of the Hemstreet Witches, Paranormal Modern Romances.

This series pulls the locations and character types from the Arizona Historicals into the 21st century.  Living and "reliving"  the energy of the Arizona rim country, the intrigue of Tucson's old Presido, Barrio Viejo and the Tanque Verde.

As a woman with her feet in two worlds,  Devi Hemstreet tries to find peace with the conflicts she feels wishing she had not been born a witch. The youngest of four Hemstreet sisters, that choice was never hers. Working in the family bookstore, trying to move out of the family home, what is hers? And now, to complicate it, she has an unwelcome and persistent suitor.
Asa Taggert has acquired all that a man could want with money, properties, physical beauty, and a son he is raising as a single parent. He is being pressured to run for political office, something he’s unsure he’s suited to do. Still, what challenge is left for him?
When these two come together, a business contract is a vehicle for the passion that lies beneath the surface. Will a marriage by contract ever be enough for either of them? At Willy’s Lake they find the answers-- as well as a life-changing challenge.
Set in Central and Southern Arizona, this contemporary paranormal confronts the question of what is real with a determined ghost , spirit guides, demons, possible monsters, and maybe karma, with a need to fulfill—A Price to be Paid.
Some spice, violence, strong language, and unconventional spirituality. 72,000 words.
 Trailer: . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIrIhcRVHg8.

All books in the Hemstreet series have been updated for content and continuity.
The back story of Asa Taggert and his termination.
Willy's Lake original story.

Hemstreets Book 1    

Hemstreets Book 2,
also a central Arizona connection

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