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Wednesday, June 07, 2017


 While writing the last chapters of my WIP, I had posted about the covers I had in mind for the paranormal romances. I thought I had that problem solved... Turns out not so much. The problem with books that bridge genres is they aren't easy to nail down for what should be on a cover. Well, not necessarily easy even when they don't, but especially difficult when they do. 

Paranormal can be a genre. Likewise, so can romance. When it's both, what do you emphasize on the cover? It's even more complicated for writers not on the A list, writers whose names alone won't sell their books. Covers are big reasons why potential readers will check out a book. 

Like a dog gnawing a bone, I just couldn't let go the possibility that I was taking the wrong path on the paranormals. So, over the Memorial Day week-end, instead of writing, I spent time finding images, trying various Dreamscope filters and creating covers with just the witches. Even then, it wasn't simple. I needed something for each that told a bit about who they were, what their gifts were.

For paranormals that are in fantasy kingdoms or where the characters are vampires, zombies, werewolves, dragons, it is a little simpler. The Hemstreet witches look like anyone else. They live a normal lifespan, have to earn a living, but they have a side life, one that is not at all normal where they have powers and see things others do not. They bridge worlds and have to find peace with both-- while staying alive. 

For just one of the books (the next one), for fun, I'm sharing a couple of the options with which I played-- none are on its cover. This time, it took a lot for the muse to get through to me.

There were more I tried that would have hero and heroine, but he didn't end up even making it on the cover-- although the model you see in the images below is how I saw him. Unfortunately, the decision to go with five women left out all the heroes.

For me, some of this is play in between writing scenes. In the end though, it was a lot of work, and I was enjoying doing covers less than usual. I get it that my covers will never suit all readers-- I just hope they reach out to a few. The work I put into them is worth it when that happens.


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