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Sunday, July 02, 2017

mail order

 Since my posts are totally off kilter this week with nothing, with one exception, when they should be, I skipped the regular Saturday and thought I'd share this on Sunday. 

With country living, mail order is an important benefit. I grew up when the big deal was getting a Sears and Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalog each season and picking out toys or clothing. At one time, people even ordered homes through those catalogs. Yes, back then, I enjoyed their stores too, but we were country living folks and getting to town didn't come all that often. Browsing those catalogs did. Today browsing happens online and is not limited to one store.

This spring, at Facebook and assorted other sites, I started getting ads that showed ethnic looking tunics. The colors were among my favorites, and it led to purchasing three.(When purchasing clothing, I always check their sizing as that changes). 

When they came, they were what had been promised and draped beautifully. You know, if you have have big boobs, as I do, that draping fabrics are more flattering than those that go straight out like a ship in full sail. 

Rainforest patterns are nature and spirit oriented, and part of each purchase goes to saving the rain forests. For me, the site is fun to browse-- although I warn you, if you go there, you will get their ads when you are online, which isn't all bad since that also means their sales, which is when I purchase (have a fourth one on order now).

The next site came to me after looking at Canadian artist, [Terrill Welch] paintings and her mentioning her work was on journals and totes. When I visited that site, I was blown away by the colors and interesting work. I began with two totes and one journal (the journal is one of her paintings). 

Later, when in my email I got notice of a 20% off sale, I ordered more totes and another journal. Some had Terrill's work on them, but others I liked for assorted reasons. Where we do a lot of shopping charges if you don't bring your own bag. Plus, these will be great for farmer markets and on RV or road trips where we often like totes of various sizes, along with or even instead of suitcases.

Buying mail order leaves me with some guilt for taking dollars from locals, but when you can't get it locally, it's a great option as we ran into in Tucson when we needed new pads for our outdoor chairs. Local stores had nothing that worked (out of season dontchaknow). Amazon had these there in two days. Just now, I didn't find our exact ones on a quick search but wouldn't these look great on a patio-- [Striped covers].

Where it comes to RedBubble, I have another interest-- they handle work, created after an order is placed, by many artists. I signed us up (nothing there yet). 

Besides the potential of sales, I see it as being useful for swag in book giveaways and contests. Since I began taking our photos and using apps from Dreamscope, I think they'd (example at the top) make colorful and interesting totes. I suppose I should have waited to purchase our own designs; however, there are some things to which I find I can easily become addicted and colorful totes happen to be among them (4 more of assorted sizes coming)-- just discovered that.


Tabor said...

I "attempt" to sell my work on Redbubble. It used to be more supporting of photography, but photo-art and real art are more their venue. Since I am anonymous in my blogging, I cannot promote that stuff here. I will have to check out your other sites!

Rain Trueax said...

I really like the tunic tops. Around here i wear t-shirts or tank tops, loose shirts, pure comfort. Those are comfortable but I want them when I go to a farmer market or to town and can look a little more like less of a rustic. They go especially well with leggings.

I have no idea how RedBubble will do for us to sell but I sure have found too many I want to buy. I saw one Native American theme but in the middle was painted a human skull. Not happening. The one good thing is they don't charge to have work there (or not that I've yet seen) so nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You might try taking some of your photos to Dreamscope to see if something there turns them into what does sell. It's free unless you want larger sizes. I've been paying the last few months as I like what they do for covers and trailers. I don't think I will constantly pay though-- maybe the months when I am doing a lot of image work. When I can use them on a blog, that has value for me too

Annie said...

Love the tunics! I can see getting addicted to them. What great ideas.

joared said...

Oh, catalog days! I still enjoy some I receive from the few sources that still publish them.
Sites you noted here look interesting. Tunics pleasant for the hips.

Rain Trueax said...

And these are lightweight fabrics, joared. In colder weather, a tank would be good under them or long-sleeved tee. We still get catalogs too but mostly I don't look at them except the garden ones :)