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Monday, May 08, 2017

The Raven

Listening to pundits, writing, and then it was time to play. I chose an image from a year or so ago of a raven in a tree along one of Tucson's washes. I never know what the Dreamscope filter will do with a photo. I could see this result turning into a painting if I ever get back to painting-- with some color adjustments that I would add. 

I love ravens and consider them one of my totem animals. They never come to my home with the other birds-- not seed feeders. They do live in this valley, and I hear them speaking to each other from the trees. They have quite a vocabulary. I love to watch them fly past. There are two raven families, so far as I can tell. To me, there is nothing common about them as they are the forest watchers.


Celia said...

Very nice. I like the balance of dark and light.

Tabor said...

Mr. Poe seemed to have a relationship with a raven. Rarely see them because they are rare here.

Brig said...

Such intelligent birds, the Ravens. Down at the bunkhouse there were a few, so interesting to watch. One of them would get a walnut, set on the phone lines and watch for a pickup coming down the road, then set the nut in the road, and wait for the pickup to run over it, so it could eat the nut meat.

joared said...

The only time I've seen ravens was at the Grand Canyon.

Rain Trueax said...

They might not hang around cities. I would think California has them but haven't looked for their range to see how far east they go. If you go to Prehistoric dwellings, they will be nesting in cliffs around them. They are fond of highway kills (also coyote kills) but I haven't seen them killed along the highway like other birds-- so smart enough or quick enough to avoid that.

They are very intelligent, Brig. That's quite a trick with the walnuts.