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Fantasy, the painting by Diane Widler Wenzel, cropped a little to fit the needs of a banner.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

changes ahead

For me, one of the cool things about being an indie writer is the option of creating my own covers. I've written about this before. It's not just a budget that makes me want to create mine. I like the control. To add to it, I am not fond of the cookie cutter images that are popular with so many. Doing my own helps me find new insights into my story, often seemingly coming from nowhere. 

In Facebook, when I wrote something about the next book coming in June, one of the readers said she loved the cover I'd put with it-- except that wasn't the cover I'd planned. It was the kind of image I use for inspiration in writing. I explained, and we both laughed.

Then I began to think-- I liked it too. And when I looked at the cover I'd planned, I didn't like it nearly as much. Until Dreamscope, I had been using photograph type images, as many do, but that didn't really suit me. As when I began publishing books, I wanted something more painterly. But, changing that one had a complication-- what about the others in the Hemstreet Witches series? They should look like they belonged together. I could explore the options-- no risk there.

Cropping the images I'd been using, I would try one and when it looked odd, I'd crop again. With Dreamscope, I never know what to expect. In between image work, I'd write a few hundred words on the WIP. Eventually, I found what felt like a mix between photograph and painting. The results are on the banner on top.

Then something else happened, which can occur when you do your own. I saw new approaches to the last two books. Until then, I couldn't get excited about what seemed it'd be more of the same. The covers changed that. Now, I am looking forward to each of them with this whole new slant-- and all thanks to a reader who helped me see things a new way. :)

That change also led to new covers for my two other paranormals-- Sky Daughter and Diablo Canyon. I hope these non-traditional covers will help readers see the fantasy angle to these stories as well as the couples who face something they hadn't expected.

For anyone in Amazon Kindles Unlimited, all my paranormals are or will be available there for those with memberships and interested in trying something new without having to buy the book. If you haven't tried out KU, there is a $9.95 monthly cost but then unlimited borrows. For readers with voracious reading habits, this works out to be a good deal-- even though not all books are available there. For indie writers, you must have your books exclusive to Amazon. I only did that for the paranormal/fantasy/metaphysical contemporary romances.

One thing I enjoy about being an indie writer-- changes are always possible.


Tabor said...

I know that you will not take it personally that this genre of photo is not appealing to me. But I do like when you make them softer and more "painterly." They tweak the imagination a little.

Rain Trueax said...

No, I don't take it personally. I like a dialogue.

So you mean when it's a couple you don't like them as much? Very popular with romance covers right now is men without shirts and standing there like warriors or women with cowboy boots or long dresses. I think since these books are about relationships (sisters, grandmothers, mother, sons, love), having a couple is a tip-off that they are romances. Still, I'll think about other options. The points of views in the books go between hero, heroine, spirit guide, and demon.

In paranormals, some do use icons that speak to magick. I would not want someone though to buy them not understanding romance is important to the story. A lot of paranormals don't have romances at all-- let alone *gasp* sex. :)