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Saturday, March 18, 2017

and beyond here

by Rain Trueax

We've been watching more documentaries, as my interest in movies has waned. Watching the news, which I do anyway, is depressing. There clearly is an agenda and one side cannot listen to another. It is heartbreaking to realize our communication system is breaking down. Can this be fixed? One side blames the other. Neither really listens. Sad.

Then there is my personal life where more friends are facing catastrophic illnesses in loved ones, and several longtime friends have died. This is depressing, and I remember when my in-laws discussed how hard it got as they reached their 80s and then 90s, with all those who had been part of their lives and were now gone on to whatever comes next.

I admit that I envy those with faith in a religious system. I remember the years where I did or was that wanted to. Act on it and you will believe kind of thinking. When I look back now, I am not sure which it was.

It is consoling to believe everything happens for a reason. If I believed in any firm system, including reincarnation, I would have that comfort. I don't really, but I don't not (I don't care if that's a double negative). I am one of those who admits I don't know. So whether those who have passed on are having a party in heaven or roasting in hell, whether they met up with their spirit guides (I write books where that is true) and are mulling over how they did in the life they left and what comes next, or whether it's dust to dust, I don't know. I have decided, and believe me I tried, that I can't figure it out and will have to wait and see when it's my turn.

Ghosts are an interesting consideration to me as they are the wildcards in life or is that non-life. In my paranormal books, I have ghosts-- defined as those who could not accept going on. They are possibly troublesome or not but either way, they are outside the organized system of reincarnation or any spiritual order to things. I would not want to find myself in that position and have believed we need to have a connection to others in this life but also to the other side; so we don't end up being unable to accept our death. 

Although I have never seen a ghost, I have friends, who have, and I don't disbelieve them. It seems a ghost needs to come to terms with reality and accept what has happened. There are several shows on cable where ghost hunters try to find the ghosts and prove their existence using equipment to capture what shouldn't be there. I have watched a few but can't say they have convinced me. Things do happen though that cannot be explained by logic.

There is a hotel in Goldfield, Nevada, which we drive past on our way to Arizona. It has several times been attempted to be remodeled, but it never works. Some say that's because of its ghosts. I have photographed it many times but get no vibes. Jerome, Arizona supposedly has ghosts and though I have been in many of its buildings, I never felt a thing-- which didn't stop me from putting it into my paranormal, To Speak of Things Unseen, with a heroine who did see them.

Some fear exploring the possibilities in life or is that death? I don't but my explorations have never yielded firm answers-- yet. That doesn't stop me from writing fantasy/paranormal stories. I am cautious though in what I say in them and how I present the unseen as being seen. That comes down to my not knowing for sure what is out there.

This is the cover for what will be my third in the Hemstreet Witches series, which will be out the end *fingers crossed* of this month. It has the witches, of course, but a monster, spirit guides, demons, and a ghost-- not to mention humans who dabble in the occult to get power. The couple are in front of a Zodiac circle with the implication that astrology can tell us more than we might want to know at times-- including our time and method of death-- or can it?


Tabor said...

I do think our prior President bent over backwards to listen to the "other" side and the "other" side bent over backwards to not provide the tiniest bit of compromise. It almost made Boehner insane as he really wanted to accomplish something. Now that he is out of the Congressional crazy house, he seems to be far more mellow and relaxed. I disagree in that one side is willing to listen, except when someone says things like Hillary Clinton hid the emails that caused the Benghazi crisis.

Rain Trueax said...

I don't think you are an extreme leftie though and that's the problem where communication disappears-- both extremes. I believe conservatives can listen also but not when they become fundamentalists, who know everything.

Hillary created her own problem on the emails by deleting over 30,000 of them to avoid anyone else seeing them. It made it look bad and I'd guess not so much about Benghazi but more how their Foundation might've impacted her work in the State Department. Even if things looked bad but weren't, it was something she didn't want seen. It left a bad taste in the mouth of most who aren't fundamentalists as why not just turn them over when they were going to be supoenaed.

As for whether Obama listened, that isn't what the right claim who were in Congress. They said when they wanted to discuss health care options, he said I won. End of story. He didn't have dinners with them, preferred his own friends, and whether he listened, who knows. I tend to think we have two parties right now where they know what should be done and they will not compromise when it doesn't go their way. It's not new either. This country has been divided since its beginning.