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Saturday, January 07, 2017

snow falls

Snow changes a landscape into something new. Because we don't get a lot of it, in my region of the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy the snow for its beauty and the sense of isolation with which it enshrouds the farm. Watching it fall is a meditative, almost hypnotic kind of joy.


Next blog, I'll post some photos of hoarfrost. It's an interesting phenomena that doesn't come with every storm.


Annie said...

Lucky you! Appreciating the beauty of snow wears off after a few blizzards and honking big piles of the stuff to shovel off the driveway. Yesterday I was appreciating how a few centimetres of snow makes icy pathways passable again. Tomorrow I will be shovelling honking big piles of it, blizzard coming tonight.

Rain Trueax said...

We may be getting more but the bigger concern for us is that heavy rain is predicted to follow. We live on a creek and snow followed by warmer temps and rain can lead to it becoming a river and approaching the lower barn and the house. Every big flood has had that scenario.

The snow had been nicely going into the ground until this newest storm. Because our temps went down to 9ºF, our pipes froze yesterday morning but we think we have that covered with a heater in the pump house. The cattle are not a problem for water as they can get it from the creek but frozen water means carrying warm to melt theirs for the sheep. Snow is pretty but it creates a lot of problems especially when you raise livestock. They had warned us though and we stocked up knowing trips to town were not happening this week.

Tabor said...

Our snow is lovely and turns everything into a monastery of quiet white. I do not like it to linger, though.

Celia said...

It's lovely to look at here too but it's 7 degrees this morning in this small town in a farming community. Small enough town so there is a lot of live stock, horses, cows, sheep and goats to care for in yards on the outer three sides of town. Keeps the grandkids busy. Another storm is on its way in, snow followed by freezing rain. We don't usually get this stuff until February. I never get studded tires but this year I think perhaps that was a mistake. Ran out yesterday to get the one thing I forgot to resupply, toilet paper, eek!

Rain Trueax said...

I feel the same way. I like it to come and go. My concern now will be flooding. We are on a creek that can get a lot of water from the surrounding hills when a snow melts too fast followed by a hard rain. Our coldest was also 7ºF, but felt like 2ºF. That means we'll lose plantings from it as this is region usually milder and 20s are our normal lows.