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Saturday, January 21, 2017

reincarnation or--

For me, this is a great video and says so much about what we might want in a life. The ad I have seen on TV has been much shorter. This is more of the story.

Because of my work in progress, I've been thinking about reincarnation. I've wondered about my own life. When it ends, what do I believe comes next? What kind of life would I want if I was to live it again. I liked the energy of this video with its creativity and positive thinking.

I wrote this awhile back because I wanted to share the video which made me feel good. Some might wonder why I don't comment on yesterday. There are plenty to do that and I need to stay positive-- not just for the blog but for my life. The possibility of reincarnation is one good reason to do that. Whatever one does, whether that's marching for a cause or fighting for one, the big thing is to do it with love not hate. For those who live with hate, I'd guess they better hope there is no such thing as reincarnation because taking hate with them won't make that next one better.

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