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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

purpose and meaning

 For the last few weeks, it's probably pretty obvious that I've been enjoying playing with Stencil using their images, which are from Creative Commons, and the quotes that they make easy to add to a photo. In looking for words that were meaningful to my life, it's played a role in helping me think what I want for myself.

I think most of us seek to find purpose and meaning to what we are doing. When we can't, it's what has us frustrated. While we aren't likely to find that everything we do seems meaningful, actually even the simplest tasks can be when they are done with thought.

Writers have goals for what they hope to produce next. I think it's a mistake to make what others will think of the work as part of the goals. We cannot influence anyone else. My writing goals are to finish the third paranormal of the Hemstreet witches. Then to move onto another of the women starting over series. I know who the next woman is, where she'll end up, but the rest I will work out as I go. I also have a ninth Arizona historical in mind. I'd also like to write a short story involving a wolf and his potential, rather unlikely, mate.


Tabor said...

That brain of your is just going round and round!

Rain Trueax said...

lol And I don't even share it all... It tends to make falling asleep difficult sometimes!