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Thursday, December 15, 2016

putting music and words to images

As an extra blog for this week and for fun, this is the book trailer I just created for the recent novella, Sonoran Christmas. I do these for most of the books, although I haven't yet for the last novella, Red Hawk Christmas. I had it in my mind that maybe I'd do a trailer for it that was more about the series, Women Starting Over. That hasn't come together; so temporarily a video is on hold.

Until I began bringing out my own books, I had no idea that they had book trailers. I learned some basics from one of the forums at Amazons and got into the idea of taking images that worked for the stories, a few words and putting it to music. 

You can't use just any music as it has to be where you have the license from the owner of the copyright. There are places that offer clips for free, but I like JewelBeat who have reasonable costs, and put out a variety of melodies to suit different genres. This one is from one of their albums with a western feel. They cut the clips into various lengths, which is perfect for a book trailer which should not be too long. 

This is the latest video for Book 8 in the Arizona historical series where the Taggert family patriarch, reprobate though he's been, meets up with the woman, who just might be the one to tame him.


Annie said...

Great trailer! Having a trailer for a book is a wonderful idea.

Rain Trueax said...

Thank you, Annie. They are fun to make and give the reader a little more to the story.