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Thursday, December 29, 2016

December 29

dragonfly on our pasture one summer
And yet another tragedy, for 2016, with Debbie Reynolds dying a day after her daughter. Tragic to say the least. Is there a logic to such events? From my own life and the things I have seen, I don't think we can look for logic. It just is what it is.

A dragonfly is a symbol of one aspect of life. From the time it is hatched from an egg, the dragonfly spends most of its life underwater as a nymph. This stage, depending on the type, can last up to five years. At a certain time, the dragonfly stops feeding, makes its way to the surface, as it adapts to breathing air. From then, it is on a path to begin the process of changing from a water insect to a flying one.  From that time, it will live a few months-- generally speaking.

Humans are, of course, not simple for how we live, but life is a cycle for us also. It all seems one way, and then it changes. Sometimes we have no more clue than that dragonfly why is is happening. Instinct opens us to what we are feeling. When we go through difficult times, as this year has been for many, we have to take deep breaths and look for the next stage. It's out there. 

For those who follow astrology, I got the following in my email, regarding this new moon and how it can be used. More here: Lynda Hill's Sabian Symbols.

This new moon is an opportunity to release, reflect and reconstruct our intentions before the New Year and think about what we need to do to stay positive.
  • This new Moon is exactly conjunct a retrograding Mercury, so, we might find our minds working overtime yet it's an ideal time to catch our breath. It can be exhausting, but there are rewards in taking one step at a time, covering old ground (as well as new), and, tying up loose ends before heading into 2017.
  • Letting go of the past is a big theme of this period as the Moon's south node has both Mars and Neptune conjuncting it, drawing us back into the past and making it imperative that we sort things out that hold us in emotions, thoughts, or situations that no longer serve us. 
  • Although Mercury is retrograde, it, and this new Moon, are forming good aspects to the nodes and, in the days following the new Moon, this aspect gets stronger, giving us the ability to form more positive outcomes, to improve our relationships and see where we can head in the right direction. 
  • Another, even more potent and positive aspect going on is the Uranus/Jupiter opposition, which is being supported by trines and sextiles from Saturn. Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn are asking (and, in some cases, pushing) us to let go and move towards positive possibilities. There is energy here for the new, and, with concentrated effort, we can make great strides with their energies at our back.
  • Chiron, as always, is asking us to examine The Stories That We Tell Ourselves. Chiron and Saturn are exactly square  with Chiron on Pisces 22: A Prophet Bringing Down The New Law From The Mountain, and, Saturn on Sagittarius 22: A Chinese Laundry. This can bring up the need to see where we may feel like a hamster in a wheel, and, how hard we work for seemingly little rewards. Having said that, we have a prime opportunity to heal a lot of the 'wounds' that have built up over perhaps even lifetimes. Time to let go of old grudges, old wounds, old stories. Time to lay down some new 'laws' in our lives. What will and what won't you accept as we go into this new year? 
  • Venus and Lilith have the last say: They are exactly square with Venus on Aquarius 25: A Butterfly With The Right Wing More Perfectly Formed and Lilith on Scorpio 25: An X-Ray Photograph Helps With The Diagnosis. It seems Lilith wants us to go deep and to not take things at surface value. We can be attached but dispassionate, be welcoming and yet discerning... We also have that type of warning through the agency of Mercury on The Veiled Prophet degree (which is also the Karmic Condition of this new Moon). So look deeply... 

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