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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Starting over

As I get started on my next book, which will take me back into historical times, the political season is almost over but probably not the fall-out-- whoever wins. I've never had a year this difficult for me. I envy those who had a candidate who they believe is good for the country. I don't want either of them, and yet one will be our next president. I have to vote because I believe it's the right thing to do, but I am voting for someone I don't believe in only because the other choice, to me, is worse. Ugh! One way or another my country changes leadership and starts over in January-- like it or not.

On a more upbeat note, the series I hope to begin writing in January is of great interest to me. The first one is out but has kind of met the fate of my contemporary paranormals-- which is not finding many readers.

The new series is interesting to me on levels that go beyond ratings. I have never written chick (in this case crone) lit. It just hasn't come to me, but this idea of women starting over is closer to women's fiction than my previous books. There is romance and will be in all of them, but the main thing these women will be facing is-- starting over at an age they never expected that to happenThe stories will be about what they do to make it work. No supernatural solutions in any of them.

What will make them challenging to write is to come up with different reasons why women might find themselves in that situation. Death and divorce are the obvious ones, but while I am writing two different books through the next months, I am hoping to come up with some other possibilities-- like maybe a woman totally into her career with no intention to ever be married and then along comes that one man who eventually overthrows all her prejudices against marriage (Gloria Steinem found that). I haven't decided how many there will be in the series and not all the women might be in mid-life with some maybe younger or even older. 

I got a review on Red Hawk Christmas that made me feel good. 
This was the best kind of Christmas story!!! I LOVED the way Dianna had the COURAGE, and determination to not only follow her dream, but to find that she was able to follow her HEART too. This book was one of those books that you just can't put down. The characters were very likeable, and this author REALLY knows how to make the reader feel as if they are right there, seeing the beauty of the scenery, as well as feeling that they know the characters. I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves just the right amount of romance!!!! It is a story set at Christmas time, but it is more about finding contentment about starting over. Thank You Rain Trueax for a heartwarming, and beautiful story! I LOVED it!!!!  
Reviews like that are why writers write. My books may not reach the large numbers of some writers. I get it that they don't follow the 'formula' so many love. If you write something different, you can't expect everybody will give it a try. Still when a book reaches even one reader like that one, then it's all worthwhile and its own reward.


Tabor said...

AND you do love to write! That in itself is a good thing. Voting the down ballot is just as important, and maybe more important, than the top of the list. We have judges, education board members, councilpersons all who impact my life.

Rain Trueax said...

I voted on those, voted on ballot measures (a couple of important ones and some housekeeping) and I voted for Hillary. But I feel she's not an honest woman, is arrogant, and loves money too much. I just have to hope that as the first woman president, she will rise to her higher self. It won't be easy as the charges against her are big ones despite the mainstream media not reporting on what is at stake-- as in selling access and using their foundation to get huge speaking and for Bill consulting fees. They are worth more than $100 million dollars and how do you do that on a Senate, Secretary of State, and pensions for Bill? You do it with pay for play and a rather clever way of doing it to avoid it being obvious. If there is sufficient to charge her and Obama pardons her, the House will impeach her. So it's better Obama does not take the easy road and lets it play out in public exactly what happened. If it was nothing, then she has a clearer road ahead to get her work done without it hanging over her head.

If Trump won though, he's on the other side of big issues for me-- environment, social issues, Supreme Court. My husband was wavering on still voting for him based on immigration policies including vetting those coming from terrorist ridden countries. I said, well I heard someone say Trump should appoint Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court. He never wavered again lol. You know, Trump might even be a good President, maybe less likely to get us into wars, but he'd okay the XL pipeline, encourage more coal production and he's so uninformed on issues where he pays most attention to the right wing spiel and less to sciences especially on climate change. There just in the end was no choice but to vote for her and hope for the best ;)

Tara Crowley said...

That is a great review of your book! I can't remember which of your southwest ones I read, but I felt the same way as your reviewer. I think I may have posted a review on Amazon.

Soon this election will be over, but certainly not the turmoil. I worry for our democracy, or should I say "democrazy?"

Rain Trueax said...

Tara, you did read one of them, and I very much appreciated that you stepped out of what you had most frequently read to give it a try and then leave a review. A writer values all reviews more than the reviewers will ever know. There are writers who don't read theirs because they can be hurtful, but I read mine to keep track of what readers are thinking when they finish a book. I feel that the review makes the reader part of the book. I read reviews for books I am planning to buy also.