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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This has to be the most chaotic holiday season we will see in many years *fingers crossed*. The election has led to so many bad feelings at a time when everyone is already stressed with trying to meet 'holiday' expectations.

Our Thanksgiving was good as we drove east of the Cascades to a home we had rented Sunriver, one with enough room for our kids, grandkids, and us. Our daughter and daughter-in-law did the planning and cooking for the dinners-- which was just fine with me.

To have all of us under one roof is something you can't appreciate fully until they all move out into the world, and what was 'we' ends up us and then with miles between and different interests. Next year our granddaughter will be starting college *sigh* -- where does time go?

Over the years, we have rented homes at Sunriver many times as it has miles of trails, an ice skating rink, the Deschutes River nearby, lots of shops and restaurants, but best of all the houses are nestled into the pines with some on golf courses, even though as of yet, none of us golf. It does give a high degree of privacy. It is also a place with enough homes with the ability to sleep ten.

This was a time of mixed generations. Our kids are into middle-age but look younger. The oldest of the grandkids is a young woman with the grandsons catching up fast.  And Ranch Boss and I are firmly into old age where for so many years our look was more undefined. 

Middle age can stretch a lot of years. I am not sure where it has to stop; but when I see myself in the mirror or a photo, I think I am a type, like an aging Olivia de Havilland-- a nice sweet looking (generally) old lady with long silver hair. Not dying my hair is a choice, but the old part is the cycle of life. 

It feels weird to be old and not because I feel young. It's because it's something very new after years of not that much different. Some, of course, is the weight I've gained, but it's not all that. I think some is also because when I am writing a lot, as I have been this year, I forget what I look like, don't really care. When I come up for air, I look in a mirror and wonder-- who the heck is that woman???

Writing at Sunriver wasn't as fruitful as I had expected in finishing my second Christmas novella for this year. I cannot type well on the laptop. I am used to a large monitor and though it has a nice sized one, hitting the wrong keys constantly had it changing text size. There was no desk, as there would be in many hotel rooms, but rarely is found in home rentals; so I typed on the hassock in front of a big stuffed chair in the master bedroom. Hard on my back and very inaccurate for how I hit the keys. If I rent a house again there, I'll bring my little portable desk and wireless ergonomic keyboard.  

Because I had worked the ending for the book, I typed the last chapter on Monday after getting home Sunday. I have some editing to do, a cover to create, but it's off to the first of three beta readers with a goal of next week for its publishing.

Meanwhile, my suggestion for readers here is to try to turn off the political thinking for awhile. We are on our way to Christmas, and it's a time to be thinking about a joyous season, a time of love, of beauty, of giving. 

I do get how many people are upset and say they aren't willing to let this election go; but frankly, we only hurt ourselves when we hold onto anger or fear. Now is a time to join organizations, which are ready to fight for each American's rights and give our own angst a vacation. This is true not for the sake of others but for ourselves.  There will be a time to act, to write letters, to demonstrate, to make the argument why something is the wrong thing to do. It's not yet. It's when this new government gets in power and begins to move in directions we feel are detrimental. Now though would be a good time to encourage more to run for office with the viewpoints we share with them-- 2018 will be coming faster than we think.


Celia said...

I agree with most of what you say about the coming days in our country except I think the time to act is now. There are many letter writing campaigns and petitions in play aimed at our concerns already. I feel a need to keep my representatives apprised that my mind at least has not changed and I am concerned. I write to other areas reps as well. The organizations that support my views are in play now and can use volunteers and money if one can afford it now. I agree with you about getting acceptable candidates out and in process.

Rain Trueax said...

Yes, letter writing is fine when it can be done with logical arguments. We can have a pretty good idea what Trump is going to do-- most of what he said is shown to be his intention now based on who he is choosing for the Cabinet positions.

I have been listening to alternative economists for what will happen-- all of which has been set in motion regardless of who had won. One involves 'world money' and the International Monetary Fund with things which could impact our SS and investments maybe more than anything Trump could do. I suspect we are in a time of chaos and Clinton couldn't have done anything about it either given our debt and world countries forming together for power like BRICS. I think we have to be thinking about the world as well as our own country for what comes next. It may not be in our control especially if IMF begins to have a say in what must be done here-- to me, we are entering a time of great uncertainty on many levels.

Brig said...

Really like the Sunriver/Bend/Sisters area. Have a lot of family around there. Things have gotten so far off center here. I'm considering moving up, when the time comes.
Not resting here, I keep my representatives informed of my views, and plan to stay active in that endeavor. Though I am saddened by family on the left that has spewed hatefulness in words towards me & mine for our votes, it merely strengthens my resolve to support my choices.

Rain Trueax said...

Us too, Brig. It's gotten more expensive in the usual real estate bubble. It offers so much for recreation and beauty.

It is sad how so many have attacked those who see what needs to be done in a different way. I hope it'll get better. Time will tell :(

Tabor said...

None of my relatives---conservative and liberal---have wars with each other. We do have intelligent discussions on odd times, but actually our beliefs are pretty much the same. We are middle of the road folks. I lean more to a socialist support system for the weaker folks, but I admit that can be a slippery slope.

Rain Trueax said...

On our Thanksgiving time with the grandkids/kids; we did talk politics more than I had expected but we all voted for Hillary. Two of the adult 'kids' are more liberal than we are but in a good way. I think all are caring people and it's a question of what most helps. Like you, Tabor, I want programs to help those who need it. It is hard though as some misuse the system taking money from those who genuinely need help. They think they are taking it from the government as some anonymous source but they are taking it from all tax payers and from the ones who really need the help. Figuring out how to fix what is broken is a tough one. We cannot go on forever with the debt growing as that's irresponsible but why Repubs still believe a tax cut will reduce that debt mystifies me.