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Saturday, November 19, 2016

a giveaway

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For the last month, I've had to get myself in the mood for Christmas as I've been writing Christmas oriented novellas. It's a little early to be thinking that way for many, who have just been trying to get past Halloween, the election, and then Thanksgiving. As I considered which traditions would be in my books, I also was thinking how grateful I was for my readers-- here and of the books. Writing is rewarding but more so when someone else reads what the writer wrote.

That led to my thinking of how I could show my appreciation in a more tangible way. It had to be an Amazon gift card. Then how to do it. Although I've given away books and other gifts at author events, I haven't actually held one myself. Rather than try to have a separate event, I decided to tie the giveaway to my blogs. I set it up on my book excerpt blog, Rain Trueax.

To have a chance to win the $25 Amazon gift card, go to the link below (a blogspot site). Comment as to your favorite Christmas tradition. Come back Tuesday the 22nd to see if your comment, randomly drawn, won the $25 Amazon gift card. An added bonus, for you, will be reading what others especially like at Christmas.

If you haven't ever gotten such a gift card, they are easy to use if you have an Amazon account. The gift is sent where you direct it and becomes a credit to be used whenever and however you wish. To make this easier, for the week, I removed that blog's usual ID requirement (which became necessary to reduce spam to manageable levels without going to captcha or moderation).

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Rain Trueax said...

That giveaway is over and had a winner :)

andrea chiu said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us.
Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.