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Saturday, August 27, 2016

sometimes a meme helps

 January 2010 Oregon Coast
There have been times where I look more into whether I am satisfied with what I am doing or whether I need to make changes. Some of that happens because life changes with aging. In a time like that, mental exercises can be helpful. 

For anyone wondering whether they are where they wish to be, this is a useful exercise. I filled out this meme on March 2, 2010. When I read what I'd written, I think on the essentials, with a few minor changes, it'd be equally true for today.

To do it for yourself, erase what is behind the colon.


I am: an unconventional woman who looks conventional on the outside
I think: about the meaning of all life and get nowhere with my thinking
I know: less than I should about many things
I want: passion in my life of all sorts
I have: a good life
I dislike: hypocrisy
I miss: someone
I fear: loss
I feel: joy
I hear: the computer
I smell: nothing
I crave: life lived fully
I usually: follow a routine
I search: for beauty
I wonder: about life
I regret: nothing as it’s useless
I love: freely

I care: deeply and forever when I care
I am always: thinking I should do more but not doing it
I worry: under certain circumstances which mostly revolve around family
I remember: Tucson
I have: a good life but it’s not all I want
I dance: sometimes around the house
I sing: when a song comes to my mind

I don't: give up easily
I argue: about things that matter to me

I write: constantly
I lose: with grace—i hope

I wish: for my dream day
I listen: to others
I don't understand: hypocrisy
I can usually be found: around the farm

I am scared: when something loud and scary happens outside at night and someone must check on it
I need: to have more discipline
I forget: names sometimes, numbers more times

I am happy: in spurts with cycles of up and down


Tabor said...

Oh goodie...a meme I might enjoy.

joared said...

Soinds like these years you're mental status is pretty consistent -- no uphevals, or at least no major ones.

Rain Trueax said...

I've had them but maybe not in the essentials in the last five years. I might be due for one ;)