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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Book 2 in the Barrio Viejo Series

Leaving for the moment the nature photos, this is a bit about my newest book, which also uses nature as a character where the hero and heroine experience the Sonoran Desert as well as Arizona's Verde Valley. Although the story is of love and spiritual truth (or not), nature is a character in all of my books, and this one is no exception.

My western themed, contemporary fantasies approach the question of mysticism from the perspective of average people who suddenly are confronted with what they never dreamed was out there. Even the witch in this story, who does understand spiritual power and how (and when) it can be used, finds she doesn't know it all. 

To Speak of Things Unseen is available at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KDCI9VG and paperback at CreateSpace: https://www.createspace.com/6498879


Ornis, the demonic game player, seeks to make witches and mystics be seen as evil.  He wins some and loses some—finding it all too amusing. Humans are mere pawns in his game. 

Seeing increasing problems for her family, Elke Hemstreet believes she has an answer-- create a play from a bestselling fantasy novel, which will help the world better understand the realm of magic and spirit workers. Witches have had too much bad press. This is a way to change that. 

The mysterious and reclusive Mitchell Ford, author of Vislogus, refuses her request. He’s seen the other side and fought it. Writing about it has made him a target. He’ll not risk that happening to anyone else—especially not a woman he finds all too appealing.

Mysticism, ethics, love and family are all part of To Speak of Things Unseen as Mitch and Elke head from Tucson to the Verde Valley to look for ways to make humans safer, even those who would kill them if they could. Level 4 heat with some violence, strong spiritual themes.


    “You are limiting an important work, which could reach more people if you were open to sharing it.”

    “I wrote the book. That was enough.”

    “Do you know Adolfo Lupan?”
    He laughed then. “So that’s what you really want.”
    She flushed. “Well… I did hope to meet him.”
    “What made you believe he was real and not fictional?”
    He saw her consider that. She was in no hurry to answer, which made him believe her real motives in all this were way more complex than she was about to tell him.
    A lightning bolt flared blindingly, as it struck the boulders outside his home. He turned with Elke to see a huge red boulder with a black burn mark zigzagging down its surface to the ground.
    “I’ve never seen it do that,” she said as she moved to the window.
    He knew that hadn’t come from nature and grabbed her around the waist pulling her away as he twisted to protect her with his own body just before another bolt struck his window shattering it. He felt pain as shards of glass struck his back.

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