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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Living a life

Living a life involves making choices. I've said it many times to my children and now grandchildren-- "nobody gets it all". We give up one thing for another we consider superior. These choices change the direction of our life. I am always fascinated with how others have chosen this or that-- which led to my enjoying the following article.

If you have never read romance novels, the name Fabio won't mean much to you, but he was at one time the hottest model for covers. These were the days when publishers controlled the books from beginning to end. Him on the cover sold books. He was considered the ultimate hero image, and it stayed that way for a number of years.

To be honest, I was never a Fabio fan. Back in those days, I did buy books with him in the cover, still have some on my 'keeper' shelf, but it was in spite of the covers never because of them. I can't say why he didn't appeal to me.

Today I look at a lot of image sites because I need them for covers or in a book trailer. They aren't just for heroes and heroines, some as the secondary characters add a lot to a story. Some I have bought end up on a cover, but a lot are for inspiration. Some have been mistakes, and nobody will see them including me (although I keep them in a reserve folder just in case that changes). Heroes and heroines have to fit the character in the book but also appeal to not only the writer but the reader.

What I found interesting in the article was how Fabio has come to terms with his changing life and is living it in a way that gives him satisfaction. In his mid-50s, he has never married, and I don't know if that's because he is a closeted gay or a perfectionist, not only about his own life and body but also that of any potential love interest. Kind of ironic that the man many saw as the ultimate hero would not find his own heroine-hero.

I can so see owning the land he does near Stevenson, Washington. I love the Columbia River Gorge. I grew up in Washington at its mouth, on the edge of the Cascades where everyone knows Sasquatch (Yeti, Big Foot) roams the hills-- everybody except those who live there and don't give it a thought. 

Leaving there was not my choice as the home in which I grew up was owned by my parents and they had reasons to leave. I have tried to go back, especially wanted to own the property my parents once owned. I used to dream of it until I went back one year to our end of the road and found it had been subdivided, the rock walls, that I used to climb on, to escape the wethers (castrated male sheep) who liked to butt children, had been knocked down. They were such cool rock walls, why would anyone want to knock them down? I know why they had been there originally-- that hill was very rocky.

Stopping, I asked the current owners if I could have a big rock from the fallen down walls, and they said yes. Today, it is here on this farm where likely it'll stay. They said I could come into the house that has been remodeled but was still recognizable as my home growing up. I said no. Sometimes a choice is made to let go-- and that can mean places as well as people. We can't hold onto everything we love... maybe not anything in the end.


Tabor said...

It is the memories of place as they change less over time than the physical place. We can let go of things more easily than thoughts.

Rain Trueax said...

I don't know but I only stopped dreaming I had it when I saw it had been subdivided. I wanted that place but it was gone and then my realism kicked in. I still miss it. To me land is what gets a hold of a person. I am sure when we have to leave this place, it'll be the same way unless I am too old by then to care ;)

joared said...

Am sure you must have felt some nostalgia for the Washington home site but can understand why you would choose to not go inside the house. The surrounding area is no longer the same, but you'll always have a memory picture of how it was.

I remember hearing of Fabio and probably saw him featured on TV at some time or another during his burst of fame. That type of bulging muscular body builder look in a male or female never was attractive to me and, in fact, was a turn-off. I guess I've always equated those individuals as being obsessed with their body and appearance like the beauties focusing much time and substances on appearing pretty. Just seemed to me there were more important things in life, but to each his own. Maybe I'm guilty of stereotyping them.

Of course, for them, much of it might simply be what they view as capitalizing on their qualities and serves as a path to achieving financial security so they can have the independence to focus on more important matters they value. Serious talented actors often take roles, especially in strictly commercially-oriented movies, they will later admit was simply to accumulate money so they could achieve control over their career to exercise more selectivity. Perhaps there's a degree of that approach in many types of work lives. Now that I think about it, I wonder how many people in life actually live their lives doing only work they love at their highest level of aspiration? Probably I haven't when I thought I was working to "get somewhere."

Rain Trueax said...

Good thoughts and I think that it's hard for many people to do what they love. My husband and I have been lucky that way. He had a career in a field he loved, his natural talent also and he made enough money that I could do the art or now the writing without having to worry about making a living with it. It didn't mean I didn't work as hard at it but just could do my own thing without trying to fit into a niche. I know how lucky that was and is.

I am not fond of the over muscled bodies either but some do it as part of a desire to be healthy and strong and some because it's what they have to do to make a living. It's not easy in that modeling world. Lot of competition and a tremendous number of well-muscled bodies out there with beautiful people. One thing with Fabio is they had him being a Native American on covers when he had no such look. Those were the years they often painted the models; so no problem with getting hair matches.