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Saturday, April 30, 2016

A disturbance in the force?

This has been a disturbing election cycle here in the United States. Both parties have had strongly contested primaries and ironically both coming from candidates outside their parties. Donald Trump wasn't always a Republican and may have chosen the party mostly because he felt he could win there. Bernie Sanders has been an Independent who considers himself a democratic socialist. It looks as though Sanders will not be able to overcome the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton. While it is likely Trump can beat the establishment candidate, who has changed throughout this season, there is talk that the Republican establishment, with the help of the oligarchs, will run a third party of their own. That likely will throw the election to Clinton although in a crazy season like this one, who knows.

There has been an idiotically insane cultural issue that arose regarding transgender people. Anyone, in this country and some others, knows what it's about where some states want to force people to use a bathroom based on what their birth certificate says, not on what they look like or feel they are for gender identity. The end result of this has been insanity with people fearing that if a woman walks into a woman's bathroom she might rape children if she has a penis... Target said they were fine with people using whatever bathroom felt right to them which led to boycott threats. Insanity. So women who look masculine, but are women, are feeling threatened. Who knows what this hate filled talk is doing to transgender teens. If we all would just go into bathrooms, take care of our business, this would be nothing. Seriously, we want a pretty girl to use a man's bathroom just because she has a penis? Well commonsense on such issues does not suit extreme political persuasions who need these causes to distract people from real issues. Stir up fear and they win. I tend to pity people filled with hate and fear-- or would if they weren't causing so much cultural havoc about now!

On our little ranch, we had the sheep shorn this week which is earlier than we usually manage, but it's been warmer than usual. The shearer felt our sheep were under stress which he could tell from their wool. I don't blame the sheep for that. It's been a stressful season, and they don't even know all that is out there since their world revolves around babies and eating-- ideally some weed that no other sheep got to first.

My writing is still mostly pantzing for this book. The term means I am flying by the seat of my pants as to what happens next. I began it with the characters and a general concept of a plot, but the specifics of what that means changes for me as I let these characters show me what they would logically do next. I don't say they control the book but their personality does dictate how they react. I think this has been more true of this book and likely will for the next four also. I write around two thousand words a day to not go too fast. I know there are writers who can turn out books every two weeks. I am not one of them. I don't have a formula.

As I got more into the book, I realized these will not be urban fantasies. I read a few of them and they simply have more violence than I write. They also have more fantasy in them. I won't have werewolves or vampires, no zombies but instead those who were born with spiritual differences-- witches, and a spirit world. More or less what I am writing in this romance is like metaphysical books would indicate is reality-- maybe. So it won't have a tag that is convenient. That's unfortunate but a person has to write the story that comes to them. The muse will not be denied. Although these books will share characters, they each will have their own romance and a conclusion of sorts-- while the underlying theme goes forward... if all goes according to plans.

For fun, I created a poster that shows all the couples for the books. There might be a ghost involved in the fifth book. How does a human man compete with a woman's dead husband when dead husband isn't ready leave her?


Tabor said...

My daughter loves the fantasy genre which usually has an underlying romance or two. She is reading Outlander. When HBO was free from Xfni.... this past week I binge watched Outlander for the first season. Ran out of time to watch the rest. Now, I may want to read the books. Such attention to history and culture of the period was intriguing. A little too intense on the nudity for mytaste although I am not a prude. I just wanted less of it.

Rain Trueax said...

I read the Outlander books when they first came out and then lost interest several books down the line. I have all now except her most recent. She really does get off on details and I am more a people/character reader. I watched the first season but the second book is a tough one and I am so far not watching the second season. I am not overly fond of TV watching except for movies and documentaries. I might see it when it's available to watch all at once or at my convenience. They have good actors playing Jamie and Claire. I enjoyed the sexuality of them, but rape is never enjoyable to watch or read about. The interesting part about the rest of her books is she stays with the times for history and sets these fictional characters into it. It wasn't until recent emphasis on those times that I learned how to pronounce Culloden lol and I still have to work to say it right.

Rain Trueax said...

I will say I am enjoying writing the fantasy stuff but trying to decide what to include in my books versus what is out there takes some thinking. I go with a family born to what we consider witchlike powers and then the demonic and angelic world, with elementals thrown in. In a fantasy, the author can create what the reality will be. But doubtless readers who read a lot of fantasy have expectations that my books probably won't meet. But an author writes what comes to them. I'm having my husband read this one to where I am which is 31,000 words. I plan for 50-55,000 depending on what it takes.

Celia said...

I'm looking forward to reading your new book. I just finished Outlander too, and am 2/3 of the way through the second book. Have not seen any of the filmed series. There are some things I can read but cringe but not really cannot watch.

Celia said...

Really cannot watch I meant to write. Finger stutters this morning :-)