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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


In December, leaving our vacation trailer in Redding, California, seemed like a smart idea. It saved pulling it over the Siskiyous where there was snow. We thought April would be a great time for a small, early vacation. Weather-wise, it would have been, but several things arose complicating it. Most especially we began to worry that the trailer might've leaked through a wetter than normal winter in Northern California. Being away from it for four months, what might the inside look like? Mold? Leaks? Not so great to plan a vacation with so much uncertainty. So last week, we drove south, leaving our cats at home, with food and water for a planned three nights. 

Our first night, minus the family, was in a motel about an hour north of Redding. The next morning, when we got the trailer, it was in perfect condition. There was no way to take a vacation, but a few days were possible. We pulled into a campground in City of Mount Shasta and decided to spend two nights there. We'd driven past it many times but this was a chance to explore.

Mount Shasta is well known by those into the paranormal. Some believe aliens park their spaceships under the mountain. Others claim a tribe of little men live under there and come out at night. There is a belief that the earth energy lines, ley lines, intersect there creating a vortex, which is good for energies of all sorts. Whatever the case, the little town has several crystal and metaphysical shops. I suspect it draws people for that reason but also because of the beautiful mountain setting, tall trees, fresh air, with hiking and lakes around it-- good for winter or summer sports.

We took some drives to check out the neighborhoods, found Lake Siskiyou and more or less determined we'd like to return. I could see another paranormal series set in it, Dunsmuir, and the ranching community to the north. Lots to inspire, but I'd have to spend more time before I'd want to do a book there. I like to really know the terrain of my stories, make it one of the characters. Living there a week could help that. There were a lot of homes listed as vacation rentals. Wonder if any take cats. *s*

These photos are all from around City of Mount Shasta.




Celia said...

Beautiful area, nothing like getting your feet on the ground to get to know a place. Cool your trailer proved itself trusty in your absence. Such a nice ending.

Rain said...

It was definitely a relief, Celia. If we'd had the cats with us, we might've spent longer out. As it was though, we got the sheep sheared yesterday; so it was good we were back to have that set up. Also the metal delivered to reroof the wood storage patio. It got damaged as an aftermath to the recent storm where a limb from the oaks went through it.

Ingineer66 said...

Glad the trailer survived the winter. Mt. Shasta is a beatiful area, especially this time of year. Winter sports are not as big as they should be. The ski area is small and a new better one was blocked by the out of town hippies that moved in.

Rain Trueax said...

There are a lot of very fancy homes on the hills above the town. Developments of craftsman style houses and big lots. My guess is a lot of that though is vacation homes for those who live in San Francisco or Sacramento or maybe even around the country. The area has a reputation for woo-woo and that draws many. It has two sides from what we could tell and some without much money too.

Mandy Justin said...

The area looks absolutely beautiful! It sounds like you are already getting to know the city pretty well if you know people think there are zombies or what have you there. I imagine the typical visitor wouldn't know. Then again, I've never visited Mount Shasta… From what you've mentioned in this post though, it sounds like a great place for a story!