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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

new beginnings

Editing is finished, which means Bound for the Hills, seventh Arizona historical romance, should be out March 21, 2016, depending on D2D and Amazon. It will be on all the usual sites as well as paperback. 

This novel is a love story with an emphasis on a part of Arizona I always enjoy spending time, Central Arizona. Although I have a second home in Tucson, I don't get nearly as much time in Central Arizona as I would like (one advantage of being a writer is you can feel you are living somewhere when you write a book set there).  

Beginning with the first of January (not counting all plotting time in my head and the timeline work), this ended up a long book. It has required long days and hours. It is worth it though as when I finished the last edit, I felt the characters had been fully fleshed out and their story fairly told. I want the readers to feel that they are there, experiencing what the characters do as that's the goal for all my books.

Lambs are not in Bound for the Hills, but I thought readers here might enjoy this little video of the lamb gangs, which I've talked about. It doesn't take long after they are born before they get to playing. Sometimes, the ewes join in, but we didn't catch that with this little video. There are 37 lambs this year. Maybe these are the popular kids ;).



robin andrea said...

Those lambs are absolutely adorable. It's really fun to watch them!

la peregrina said...

"Lamb gang." :) (Singing) When you're a lamb you're a lamb all the way. From your first gamboling step to your last dying day. When you’re a lamb, let them do what they can, you got brothers around. You’re a family man!

Rain Trueax said...