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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Curly Learns a Lesson

Last year I discovered the fun of writing short stories. In fact now, when I write a novel length book, it feels like more work than it used to seem. Of course, I will still do the book length stories, as I can do so much more with them; but once in awhile, it's good to take a new challenge.

The link is to my short story that is part of a series of shorts for summer at Alison Bruce's. When I heard the premise--story had to be under 1000 words, set in summer-- I liked the idea of being part of it. Even more when I realized I could use two of my favorite secondary characters in From Here to There and A Montana Christmas. I brought those two together with my own recent experience of having my granddaughter try to teach me how to use my smart phone. Modern communication has changed a lot, and it's dragging someone with it kicking and screaming.

So give my story a try and then bookmark the site as new free short stories will be showing up this summer.

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