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Saturday, July 12, 2014

ain't life great-- or not

Without a doubt, my life is a kaleidoscope of physical reality, which I see out my window or when I walk to the barn, along with the fantasy world I create in my mind, along with the craft of getting that world from me to someone else, along with the marketing world that goes along with that fantasy world. Some of these things are more enjoyable than the other. Bet you can guess which ones...

With the recent one-thing-after-another set of experiences where it comes to my writing and actually my physical world, I have decided-- a person can be writing too much. It seems I am in a kind of whirlwind of constantly needing to do something else. Yes, Virginia, there can be too much on a person's plate!
  1. bring out Comes the Dawn
  2. get the word out Comes the Dawn is out
  3. try to not be depressed when the book does not sell *wink*
  4. promote my short, short story in Alison Bruce's blog
  5. prepare a first kiss feature for Lily Graison's blog-- out Aug. 11
  6. edit Sky Daughter after a writer friend gave suggestions
  7. put together Diablo Canyon after deciding that it will come out, all 3 novellas in one eBook probably end of July
  8. surprise of surprises, find a great cover for Diablo Canyon-- first I have gotten from a graphic artist. she offered it free. If book sold, I'd be happy to pay but...
  9. do not ask why I'd want to bring this book out given the three novellas sold virtually nada.
  10. get back to writing Love Waits as the fourth Oregon historical, a book I may never publish
  11. write blogs and meditate on whether I should keep doing blogs as breaks can be healthy for anybody
  12. Find room for a life in there somewhere-- oh and a root canal, abscess and one more dental root canal/crown, that should be done, plus time with grandkids.
I could set those all into a big circular swirl because they are how I feel right now-- not separate but mixed together along with quiet times of sitting out in the yard and talking to Farm Boss about his chaotic project world which makes mine look like it's nothing. Add to it the importance to me of putting meaningful time into friendships and maybe finding some new inspiration with mini-vacations. And gratitude. I am oh so grateful I was not in Yellowstone when my tooth abscess blew up.

In terms of personal improvement, I have a project there too-- trying not to clench my teeth. I have to constantly remind myself, all day, especially when editing-- keep those teeth apart!

Recently I have bought quite a few books from other writers but haven't taken the time to read any. I am in the mood now to think maybe August needs to be-- read other authors month. Maybe August should be time out from blogging too. This would be ironic as both blogs are building up numbers quite a bit now-- good time to cut them back-- not lol But maybe a good time for me emotionally.

We have one week of grandkids here, of which I look forward to, but other than that, a lot of reading under the golden chain trees is in order.

Oh and has anybody had a cat that climbs chain link fences on her paws? We do. The first time we saw our one-year old, Raven do it, we thought she used her claws. No, she uses her paws like a clever little fox. So the fences have all been extended until our yards look like big bird enclosures :). That's okay, we do not want a cat out beyond those fences as beyond lie things like automobiles that kill little cats like her who have no idea what risks the world holds.

Finally I won't mention names but a couple I have come to think highly of just faced the death of one of them due to congestive heart failure. They are so loving and such an interesting couple, and it made me incredibly sad, to the point that I cried when I heard it. That might seem nutty for people I haven't met, but it's the empathy of  relating to what other people go through. I wanted their story to go on longer! 

On the other hand, another person I also have come to like, also through the world of the internet, is going to be married next month and is starting a brand new life. That makes me so happy that I feel a glow when I think about the wonder of new love. Their story is just beginning.

So life goes with a mix of good and bad, happy and sad. I don't know if it'd be better if it was always up but definitely know it would not be better to always be down. 


Tabor said...

It is all about balance and you seem to be knowing that. I take photos and put them up on a photo sales site and rarely sell anything more than a card or two. But I simply cannot stop taking photos and fiddling with digital files. I really would love to write a book or novella...but wanting and having the talent are two different things. I have started two and after several hundred pages hated the style and story and realized there is a lot more input to writing than just the desire to take someone on a story ride!

Rain Trueax said...

That is true, Tabor, but if you wait until you are as good as you will ever be, you wouldn't ever put out your photography or writing.

Yes, it frustrates me a lot when I've had a book out there, look at it a year later, and realize I need to rephrase quite a few different places. That happened to me last week, Sky Daughter, which happily hadn't sold many copies. A writer friend had given me some ideas regarding problem in its beginning. I appreciated her criticism and set out to re-edit the whole book-- a book I have to have completely edited 7 times or more. This wasn't about finding typos but more how I phrased things in more than a few places. I was quite upset. I could still feel good about the structure, the plot, the characters, the dialogue but it was in transitional phases that it wasn't as good as it should have been or as good as I can do now. When I finished, I republished it and anyone who bought that book, can get the new version just by telling Amazon market with your list that you want it since you already purchased it. They actually auto update your device if you have it set to do so when something like this comes along.

It made me wish I had never put it out though earlier. The bad part is probably in a year, if I look at it again, I will be able to again improve it. It's how it works with writing. Literally write and the writing comes to you.

Incidentally, I am doing the same kind of re-edit for the umpeteenth time on From Here to There, because one reviewer had said they felt it wasn't as smooth as they had expected-- although they overall liked it. I think I see where they meant and it's again those pesky transitions-- although you never know for sure when it's a reviewer as unlike my writer friend, I can't ask them.

Cards and calendars are where I buy photos, not framed for my wall (I am a fan of photograph like calendars but think small photographers need to remember to put in special dates. It makes a difference in a calendar.

Where do you have yours for sale? Link here would be fine. I like to encourage artists of all sorts and you never know from where a new lover of your work might come along.

It's rather interesting how widespread blogs like these travel and to which countries. I am amazed whenever I look at the deets and each of my blogs appeal to different demographics with always US most readers but what comes after varies and I have no idea why :). I am just always grateful for readers period :)

Celia said...

One of my painting instructors used to quote "you may have to paint a lot of bad paintings to get the good ones." Each creative effort build a foundation for the next, and the next. We have to keep writing, painting, doing.

Linda Kay Christensen said...

Much of what I would say has already been said in the posts. As Tabor mentioned, it's all about balance. I'm amazed at some of those authors who put out book after book after book, and wonder what other mark they are leaving in the world. I'm just getting started in the book publishing world, but I have not aspirations of becoming world renowned. I really believe I'm blessed by my higher power and have been given such a wonderful life, that I have to also give back to those less fortunate. That gives me balance. My blog today addresses this subject. Thanks for sharing your frustrations. Have a restful day!

Rain Trueax said...

I have not had that kind of goal either, Linda. I did though hope to sell some books because that says others appreciated what I did. When I began this whole thing, I got into the Amazon system where you have free days. I gave away thousands that way and literally don't know if anybody even read them. If someone purchases one, it means they are saying it has value to them. Although I do still enjoy giving away books but now I am more selective and do it as part of a give away or to someone who expressed an interest but cannot afford them. I pretty much put back into the books any money I make with buying images or various places that say they can help your books be seen. It's not about profit for most writers, I think-- although those that want to live on their writing obviously have to approach that differently. It does make me feel good though when I see that one of mine was sold. :)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Sometimes it is hard to balance everything or, juggle all the balls, so to speak.....you have so much on your plate and in my eyes you seem to balance it all incredibly well!
I'm at a stage in my life when due to my physical infirmities, my life is getting smaller in many ways because I cannot do so very many of the things I use to be able to do.....And so much concentration is taken up with just getting from room to room and trying to take care of bodily problems. It changes ones perspective in a very big way---at least, speaking for myself, it has changed my life and perspective 180 degrees....

I know you will find the balance you need, dear Rain, because you have the where with-all to do so. And you have the energy and passion AND, the Good Health to carry out all you want to do---in spite of the horrible Root Canals and Abscess problems-----I know what that is, too, my dear---No fun at all! I'm glad you were close to home, too, when this happened....

I wish you all the luck in the world with all your writing---books short story's, blogging, etc., etc. You've got the Goods, my dear.

LOVE all the pictures! Your Garden looks so very Beautiful...!

Rain Trueax said...

Thank you and you certainly know about the creative life through theater, writing and your painting and then with all your creative friendships. It definitely has its downside but it's worth it.

I know too that life will change with physical aging and health problems that creep up on us. It all requires balance. You have certainly kept your love of beauty and sharing the rich experiences you've had with wonderful friendships. We just do what we can at each stage, I think *hugs*

Ingineer66 said...

Tabor and Celia nailed it. Balance and moderation is key. And in life we have successes and learning experiences. Hopefully the successes come more often than the learning experiences as we get older.

Tara Crowley said...

My intended and I were just talking about how we need a month off after we move into our house and get married. A solid month of no phones, internet, etc. A month of reading, of playing with the dogs, of swimming in lakes, of cooking outside. No other responsibilities. No forms to complete and sign. No wills and trusts to be picking over. Modern life is indeed complicated.

I think periodic unplugs of all kinds are very healthy and help to rejuvinate us in every way. I also really like what Celia said. True for photography as well -- I guess all creative processes!