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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Comes the Dawn

My third Arizona O'Brian historical came out early. I planned it for the 10th, but it was actually up last night. Better ahead of time than behind. This was a book I really enjoyed writing because I got to travel back through some of my favorite parts of Arizona with my characters. That's the plus of writing or reading something set in places the reader/writer  loves or maybe didn't know much about but learns to love through the words.

I will be back in Arizona this fall but not into the parts in Comes the Dawn-- or at least that's not on the plan. But someday I definitely want to spend more time in central Arizona. I'll be writing more in the blog about that area and what makes it so special. 

In the meantime, this is my newest book out as an eBook. We'll get the paperback up as soon as we can. I like having them out in both forms now that we're finally learning what it takes to get the paperbacks formatted in a way that makes them readable. That took some learning.

Comes the Dawn is a romance first but just as important is what it says about family, about responsibility, and most especially about fatherhood. It's a love story to Arizona and the people there. I've always said it's difficult when some of your greatest loves are over a thousand miles apart. But I can go there whenever I want-- in my imagination. 


Linda Kay Christensen said...

My first visit to you site, and I am also beginning to write for eBooks through Smashwords. I'm curious about how you are getting your books into paperback, if you would share your source. I'll check to see if I can get the book on Nook...sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Rain Trueax said...

CreateSpace for paperbacks, and we have found that Draft to Digital has a much simpler process than Smashwords. They deal with Word formatting better. We are not sure about their marketing. Have you been to Amazon Forums? I don't know what type of book you write, but I've found a helpful network of writers there who share what they know. Writers are very giving to each other is what I have found. I have another blog called Rain Trueax that has more on the writing process including CreateSpace.