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Saturday, February 01, 2014

When Fates Conspire

Although I do not generally write here about my books, I am making an exception with my newest release-- a novella. This eBook had one of my more unusual paths to creation. It isn't exactly a romance in the more traditional sense. I've written quite a lot about how it came to be in Rain Trueax. So here is more about it just in time for Imbolc (yes, we have our first lambs). It offers something for those who might like a little speculation with their morning coffee ;).

When Fates Conspire, set in Montana and South Dakota, is a contemporary, paranormal story, of fate, soul mates, and fairness. With humor and pathos, this novella tells of two couples and three spirit guides—all with very different ideas as to what life is about.
Lauren returns to Billings looking for something that never happened for her in high school. When the man she wanted then re-enters her life, all the ancient energy between these soul mates is aroused. Can it be they will finally get a happily ever after or will it end as it always has?
In Bozeman, Jessica is frustrated that the man she promised to marry won’t give her the advantages his riches could provide. How far will she go to get what she wants? Tragedy is the only possible result or is it?
This story came directly from a dream, with several powerful images and concepts. Writing the novella incorporated many things I have read. The question, that I hope readers will be asking when they finish, is what do you think life is about?
I’ve never used quotes at the beginning of a book but I wanted some to enrich this story. I went looking and surprising me, everything I could ant came from Dante, whose full name was Durante degli Alighieri born 1265 and died 1321. His poetry and books spoke so much to the mysteries of life. As I went through my chapter headings, time and again his words set them off perfectly. I am glad I hadn’t found him first or I might’ve thought he influenced the story that began with a dream.

“In that book which is my memory. On the first page of the chapter that is the day when I first met you, Appear the words, ‘Here begins a new life’.”     Dante Alighieri

“Follow your own star.”   Dante

Billings, Montana
“Did you see what she did?” His lined face showed disapproval perhaps more than his words.
Remus laughed and shook his head. “She is uncontrollable, Justus,” he mocked.
“You seem pleased. My God, Remus, you don’t deserve being a guide.”
“I deserve it as much as you, you old prude.”
“We should both be concerned that she accomplishes her life goals, the ones she agreed to before she came back. Naturally I am more concerned about his—since he is my charge.”
Remus laughed again, this time sounding faked to Justus’s ears. “The ones all souls are encouraged to agree to as a condition for even getting to come back? Rules taken as such by some.” He gave Justus a look. “They are not gospel, Justus. They are suggestions-- not laws.”
“Suggestions for their own good.”
“Well, she doesn’t remember that. She’s operating from instinct.” He looked down from their lofty perch and smiled softly as though remembering. “And I might add youthful instincts-- although in her case they are subdued by her insecurity. That is inherent in her or has been.”
“You are encouraging this,” Justus accused in a brittle tone.
“Not a bit.”
“Well at least he’s maintaining control.”
“For now.” Remus moved a bit, to observe the young men playing football in the middle of a long field, and in particular one of them. His smile broadened. “Oh yes, he’s a rock.” He giggled. “It will work fine, until she comes too close, then it’s all over.”
“So we make sure it stays that way.”
“We do?”
“Remus, dear God, you will be sent back to working with pastors. You need to straighten up on this. Get a grip, man.”
“I’m not a man. Of course, I once was, but I did choose to become a guide eons ago—or so it seems now. I find I have better judgment for being further from living a human life. I like helping others avoid the snares, the pitfalls.”
“So why aren’t you doing it?”
“Mainly because I am not one bit sure she isn’t right about what is needed.”
“The problem will take care of itself sooner than later,” Justus retorted.
“If you’re so sure of that, why are you acting worried?”
“I always worry.”


Diane Widler Wenzel said...

"When Fates Conspire" is a good read. Very much like Rain! Thank you for your entertaining stories.

Rain Trueax said...

Thank you for being so supportive of them. It wasn't your usual kind of book but you tried them and supported them. I have appreciated it very much