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Thursday, February 06, 2014

a time for dreams

If you like speculation and dreams, head on over to Rain Trueax.

My part of Oregon is supposed to get some snow today, but the weatherman has been throwing out predictions all week and changing them the next hour. They don't really have a clue is what it it looks like. But I hope for the snow as it has been too dry. A little snow might keep the temps from dipping into the teens tonight.

Otherwise it's a good time for soup, fires in the fireplace and writing. Yum!

Well except we are into lambing with twelve already and more to come... a lot more. That doesn't require driving though ;).

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Rubye Jack said...

Here in the Pearl at 10pm it is so light out it's really odd. It looks like twilight really. Ordinarily I can only see lights in the dark out there. It's really rather disconcerting. I hear it is supposed to snow again tomorrow. We shall see.