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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paths of Life

 Paths of Life from Arizona State Museum

It's hard to believe we have been in Tucson just over three weeks and have to start home. If I had my druthers, I'd spend a lot longer here as I really love this house and the desert around it. The weather has been in the 70s-- which isn't always the case for January in Tucson.

There were so many things I thought I'd be doing while here, but the house had to be the priority. I ended up having a lot of my own editing to do. We had some house repairs, things to replace, and basically will be leaving Casa Espiritu in great shape for the first renters.

So Sunday we hook up the trailer; us and the cats, who will hate traveling again, start the journey north. I am uncertain how long it will take as that all depends on the weather. Right now it's looking like it should be fine for roads.

One of the things I most wanted to do while here was visit the Arizona Historical Museum and the Arizona State Museum on the UofA campus. Being there brought back wonderful memories of when Farm Boss was getting his Master's, but also when our kids came with us on vacations in the years after that.

There used to be a small cafe in that area where we got ice cream cones. It was where I first heard Danny's Song. Just to hear that song now makes me all teary because I knew then it was my life. I was hearing a guy singing about what I was living.

During those years we came south with a 15' vacation trailer, no air conditioning and a porta-potty in a closet. It was usually May or later (had to work around school) and to get cooled off, we used spray bottles of water and wet towels.

Once in Tucson, we stayed in trailer parks off Miracle Mile, which I have to say even then wasn't exactly a high class neighborhood. One had a small lake with ducks (education on duck sexual practices). The other had a rougher clientele, including some who looked like they were part of Hells Angels (fortunately no education). Any such place had to have a swimming pool.

Those were good years. I am glad I knew it when I was living them.

first photo Tucson Mountain Park-- second Lake Powell

Tucson has a ton of memories attached from my first time here in 1965 until this last time as we again head north.Yes, I love Arizona.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

How wonderful to have so many sweet memories of ALL the years gone by---and pictures, too! Arizona is beautiful, as is our whole country. It's great to see it and read about it through your eyes, my dear.....Do you think you might retire there someday? Or is there too much love for both places to give one up?

Celia said...

I love traveling old favorites roads laced with memories. Wonderful to feel at home there even if you have to leave too soon.

Diane Widler Wenzel said...

Yes, those were the days!

Rain Trueax said...

With our kids in Oregon, we won't be retiring here. Renting it though for about four months of the year makes possible keeping it. We haven't spent much time here, where we aren't working on the house, since we began that but maybe someday we might stop it. I do love Oregon though. This trip it was bathroom repairs, rug cleaning, landscaping work, pool leak and watering system repaired, pool light fixed. Next year the pool really needs to be resurfaced which will mean total draining and a crew as it's a job beyond us. It has stains though from all its years and Tucson water.

And yes, Diane, some of those great memories involve you and Don when we were all kids ourselves ;)

Brighid said...

Your remark about the good years and being aware of it at the time, really resonates with me. I too am glad I enjoyed mine.

robin andrea said...

Love seeing the old photos and reading the story of your early days there in Arizona. I look at the pics, listen to the link of music and wonder where the time has gone.

Rain Trueax said...

You have to wonder-- where does time go?