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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Matt Taibbi tells us the truth-- one we'd rather not hear

Matt Taibbi is rarely wrong. This time I wish he was but don't think so.

It's rather ironic how the Republicans worry so much about Obama's administration being bad for corporations and the wealthy. When he picked Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers, it seemed we were in trouble, and over and over it's proven to be the case. Can anyone run for president here without owing too much to the power brokers?

I don't know if Obama himself is corrupt or just has trusted those in Wall Street's upper echelons to have the best interests of the ordinary people in mind. Naive at the least. It's obvious it would be the same only more openly so with Mitt Romney.

This is a corporate dictatorship, and we are kidding ourselves otherwise. It is the people's fault too as time and again we see where money dictates the vote.  I can't say for sure if money determined the vote for Romney over Santorum as Santorum threw the election away with going after birth control, all abortions, and his desire for a theocracy (naturally with him the one getting direction from God). Still at 4 or 6 to 1, those ads must have been effective with some at the least.

Ads don't have to work. Money doesn't have to buy elections. People could read the bills, look at the record, forget what these guys promise and go for what they have done, what they have stood for. People could...

The only difference between the parties is one would take our sexual freedom as well as our money. Both apparently increase the power of the wealthy and put us more under a police state. Republicans can kid themselves all they want but Bush put us on a path. The Republicans in Congress are only waiting for the right time to accelerate that path. Romney won't even tell us what he'd do as he wouldn't get votes (or so he said). Which side do you think he's fooling or is it both?

I don't buy the revolution idea because I do not think it would work. What would work is a solid third party with a new kind of leader and then a population who wants to be informed not just entertained. I won't hold my breath!


Kay Dennison said...

I love Matt Taibbi -- he always gets it right. I'm sooooooo very tired of both parties and their you-know-what!!!! And yeah a 3rd party might be the answers but I don't see it happening.

Hattie said...

It's not just in this country. I've been reading a bunch of Weekly Guardians a neighbor gave me, and reading what's in them makes me believe the trend is toward increasing poverty for the masses everywhere.

Hattie said...

Oh, and I read the article and think this is a disaster for high tech. This means startup companies will be able to go public and suck up capital for years before going bankrupt (as most startup companies do). I can see why Obama did it-- he thought that it would help companies to develop their products before going backrupt--but this will surely backfire as the crooks move in. I don't think ill will was involved, just that these high tech people convinced him that we needed to put capital into innovation. But it's too much of an invitation for scammers to go wild.

Rain Trueax said...

I have no doubt who I have to support in the fall. We have already been donating to Obama's campaign and other liberal candidates for Congress where we believe in the things for which they stand. It will take a Congress and a president to do anything. All the talk about Obama having a 60 vote majority when he took office is ignoring the DINOs. We need real liberals and progressives with some moderates are okay but not those that claim one thing and vote another. The freedoms we will lose, the increasing power for the richest is obvious under Romney. He's not only a nearly pathological liar given how he says things with no sense to the lies. He will owe too much to the right wing to trust him even if he claims he's an etch-a-sketch.

Taradharma said...

ck this out:

The very wealth need a permanent underclass to work their asses off so that a very few can wallow in gold.

I would love to see a multiparty system in the US, with campaigns shortened to a few weeks only. And, of course, getting corporate money out of elections. Good luck.

Rain Trueax said...

The thing is this group controlling the Republican party today is pushing the Democrats to also move right. That's what happened to Romney to get the nomination. Now in his case, he has a history of being a liar and doing whatever it takes to win. How anybody can believe this man who destroyed jobs will do anything for the working man is amazing. Or would be if I hadn't heard Republicans call taking away our rights the Patriot Act or Clean Air the one that allows for more pollution. Whatever they say, it's the opposite what they will do. It works with their voters. Don't ask me why.

Farm Boss has been saying for sometime that they want a feudal system. The sad part is many who will be a peon in it, they are voting for it. Amazing.

Thanks for the link. Maybe somebody will read it and think. Most likely not. Not that I am pleased with Obama or Democrats but in comparison, there is no contest if we want any rights left. Well other than carrying a machine gun into a mall!

Anonymous said...

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joared said...

Politicians seem to make less and less pretense about saying what they really believe, what their real goals are. A third party would have to be really strong from the starting gate, or would likely split votes from, say, an Obama, and the minority vote-getting candidate least desired would be elected by default. That's not to say we couldn't use a better political party than the two we have, but getting adequate voter support would be the challenge.

Rain Trueax said...

Despite my fears many in both major parties are sell-outs to corporate interests, they are the only alternative right now. It'd take a really exceptional person to run a third-party candidacy and win. Even Theodore Roosevelt couldn't do it and he was quite popular for his time. But if both parties are sold out, what is our alternative? This year we have to stick to the only real choice for progressive thinkers. What passes for conservative today is really only to restore the kind of power to the wealthy that they knew in the Middle Ages and the time of the Robber Barons. We are close to that now.

I think there are good people in the Democratic party with the interests of ordinary Americans their concern. But there are too many Ron Wydens to totally trust Democrats. We need new people in our own party and it's not easy for a new person to buck the party structure and get a nomination. You see time after time how they get re-elected because nobody good runs against them in the primaries.