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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Blog as a Hive

Well it's not as though there is a queen bee, but a blog world is like a hive in that information is coming and going. Nectar comes in, pollen is spread, and honey is produced, or a virus can be spread and kill off the whole hive.

I don't personally think honey, in the case of blogs, is all about sweetness, but it is all about sustenance and spreading knowledge with a positive goal. If the only purpose is to spread hate and dissent, the blog isn't one I'll be reading for long. Now I don't mind a rant from my favorite writers. I put them out here off and on also; however, I read what mostly gives me something positive to carry back to my world-- and that positive can be information-- even if it's unhappy information.

For my own blog I stick to a mix of things, but it is all about ideas which mine are often pollinated by something I read somewhere else. I have experiences in my life that I do use but cautiously as I want this blog to be about thinking more than a daily journal-- not that there's anything wrong with journal blogs and I read several of them. I share some of what is going on in my life but a lot of it is more what goes on in my head than in my routine world.

Last night I had one of those nights where I woke up in the middle of it and simply could not go back to sleep and that went on for hours. I thought about getting up and doing some of what was on my mind except I really was tired still and wanted to sleep. The thing was-- too much was buzzing up there.

Some of it related to my fiction writing-- more about that next blog. Some my life. Some the nation. None of it was orderly. It did lead to a lot of thinking though which moved between my life, community, blog, writing, art and in a circle back through it all again.

That which involved our nation was mostly my hope that the media would let go of the Martin- Zimmerman case now. I have little hope they will but I do wish it.  I am glad the prosecutor charged Zimmerman with second degree murder. I liked hearing her reasonable comments and the equally reasonable ones coming from the lawyer who will represent Zimmerman. The next time I hear about it, I would like it to be when a verdict is delivered. I would like the media to let this go now and let justice run its course-- however that turns out.

This bombardment, of what is going on, what they think is going on, what they wish was going on, with interviews with anybody involved or not involved, is driving me to turn off the TV.  IF they do a wall to wall coverage of the trial, I will not watch it. I think this excessive coverage will work against a fair trial, is wrong, and I don't care if it comes from the right or the left.

We don't need to know what neighbors, family members, experts or anybody else thinks now. Maybe there was a reason for the coverage before. It could be the legal system would have gone here anyway but more likely they would not have-- squeaky wheel and all. It probably was good we had more discussion on race, but for heaven's sake let it be now.

The match-ups for the election in November have now been determined except for who the Veep will be on the right. I do not believe Obama will dump Biden although one never knows for sure when it's politics. I will be interested in who Romney picks but whoever he picks, he will be at the head of the ticket and I really really hate listening to that man talk. There is something in his voice and face that turn me off totally. I know that's not a reason to vote against someone but in his case there are plenty of other reasons. I think I'll like better reading about the campaign than seeing clips from it-- from either side.

In terms of farm news, Farm Boss has a new tractor and I do mean new. He's had old equipment all the years we have lived here that he's kept going by sweat, wire, ingenuity, and sometimes blood. When he was going to sell a piece of equipment he had bought for his consulting business, I told him why not invest that into a good tractor. At our ages, having good equipment is growing more important.

Well the piece of equipment didn't sell (yet anyway) but the idea had been planted and now it has born fruit with a shiny new tractor sitting in our driveway and a very happy (most of the time) Farm Boss. The most of the time relates to the farm equipment place not being exactly reliable for when they delivered or what they delivered. Farm time with businesses is a bit different than city time, I might insert here.

Anyway he's very happy with something that will serve his work quite well. With adding on the leased property to the back, the tractor will be a big help. If he really cuts back on consulting work as he says, he can have all kinds of projects with which to use it.

(Getting him to smile for a photo is always an accomplishment on the photographer's part-- patting myself on the back).


Rubye Jack said...

Farm Boss looks so happy with his new red tractor.

The whole thing with Romney is he even looks phony as well as talks phony, and he looks shifty. I heard Santorum might be his vp. I'm with you on coverage of trials and think the media has gotten terribly out of line in their reporting, and really who cares about all the stuff that's no relevant.

Dion said...

Not to take away from your ability to make Farm Boss smile, but I'm thinking the shiny new red tractor had a lot to do with his smile in this picture.

la peregrina said...

Agree, no more about the Zimmerman trial until after a verdict. As for the opinions of neighbors or family members, I prefer there opinions over the so-called expects on television. The people on television need to shut-the-heck-up. Half the time they don't even believe the things they are saying.

Go with your gut on your feeling about Romney's face and voice. I think it is a perfectly good reason not to vote for someone. You are probably picking up subtle clues about the man behind that public mask.

Love the new front-end loader/tractor the Farm Boss got. I bet he is going to walk up to you real soon and admit you should have bought a new tractor sooner.

Tabor said...

It is nice that your encouragement helped him to stretch his frugal behavior and reward himself with something so useful. The smile is genuine. My writing project after 7 chapters keeps going in circles. Since I did not have a clear vision when I started and since I treated it as an exercise I have no one to blame but myself. People such as you who have tenacity and stick to it are my heroes (heroines)! Regarding the trial I am very angry at the arresting officers and the initial prosecutor who let this mess become what it has become with their negligence. I do not think anything will come of it now since most forensic evidence has been lost and most witnesses are no longer reliable after all this time!

MerCyn said...

I agree with you about over-coverage. Once the trial starts all speculation/coverage should be banned. Wishful thinking...Nothing like a farm boss and his new shiny toy!

Rain Trueax said...

Mostly he hadn't bought one earlier because they are soooo expensive and it seemed not needed. So much you can do by muscle when you are younger but the older you get, the more you either get the right tools or forget it. I've always encouraged him to buy good tools but not to the level a good tractor costs. We had to both adjust ourselves to that!

Rain Trueax said...

You know on writing that flows, mostly it's find the right genre. I could try and try to write chick lit or some great literary novel and I'd be going in circles but romances, I just think that way and the ideas flow. Maybe what you need to do is try different genres. Mystery, horror *shudder*, fantasy, sci-fi and yes, romance even :) Also I do a lot of writing when i'm doing other things and the ideas just come along and I can bring them back when I can.

Annie said...

That's some tractor!

Hattie said...

I have friends who are confronting the need to take care of a demanding yard and finding they don't have the energy for it. Glad Farm Boss is able to solve his problem with a tractor.
I'm taking a vacation from politics for a while, or anyway until the Scott Walker recall election, which I think is very important.
The Trayvon Martin case is important because of the continued racism in this country amd the "stand your ground" laws and concealed carry laws. Do we want to keep these?
I think blogging is exciting. It's the only kind of writing I do any more.

Rain Trueax said...

I see the value of continuing to discuss racism incidents and what we can do about it. I see the value of discussing these misguided stand your ground laws. What I don't think is of value is to find a play by play for the Zimmerman case. It is now going to trial and that's where it should be until it's over. The idea of the media going after both families and continuing to ask them how they feel, building up a rage on both sides will only lead to more Tulsas and where we turn our country more into a racist battlefield with both sides feeling wronged-- and media can do this.

My hope is this won't be another O.J. Simpson and when I heard Trayvon's mother saying she thought it was an accident and then having to go back on it, I felt intensely this need to let this be for awhile.

I do not believe it was an accident. I think when Trayvon called out for help, it was cold blooded murder and it's pretty obvious the prosecutor thought so too or she'd have filed manslaughter charges against Zimmerman.

I also hope that the stand your ground laws are eliminated. We don't need a self defense right. We already have that. And anybody who deliberately stalks another and then tries to claim self-defense (and that isn't just what happened with Trayvon), is a murderer and the law is letting them get away with it. Discussion of this or racism is fine. The trial should not be turned into another of our entertainments. We are so easily distracted and this is the year of a major election and decision making time for where our country wants to go. It is our issue. It is what we can do something about.

The trial should not be turned into a lynching in my opinion. I am fine with others disagreeing and voicing why it should be another OJ. I don't think I'll change my mind though. What I am afraid is the media will milk this for all it is worth making more people furious and leading to more violence-- and not just black against white but white against black. You know some benefit from that kind of rage as it keeps people from noticing what is happening elsewhere.